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Africa’s position in G20 will enhance women’s empowerment: Deborah Elizabeth


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Thiruvananthapuram: Praising India’s role in recognizing Africa’s position in global platforms like the G20 and its commitment to uplifting its people while strengthening India-Africa ties, founder of Women United Foundation Deborah Elizabeth said on Wednesday that the Foundation and the African Women Business Union (AWBU) are exploring the potential of a promising partnership with India, a move that could significantly enhance women’s empowerment.

The potential partnership, still in its exploratory phase, holds immense promise, with India’s successes offering valuable insights for similar endeavors in African contexts, said Deborah, whose visit underscored the remarkable progress India has made under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

“This prospective collaboration, rooted in mutual respect and shared goals, could set a new standard for empowering women across continents, leveraging the strengths of each partner to create a brighter, more inclusive future.”

“The collaboration between the Women United Foundation and the AWBU with India synergistically aligns with the “Bank Every Woman” initiative, exemplifying a shared vision for women’s economic empowerment.

“India’s proven expertise in microfinance stands as a laudable model, demonstrating how financial inclusion can transform women into entrepreneurs and economic contributors.”

This exploration is particularly meaningful in the context of India-Africa relations, highlighting the importance of cultural understanding and shared objectives, Deborah said, adding that WUF is built on the principle that individual strength is formidable but collective impact is transformative.

“This organization has become a global partner of choice for entities aiming to make a significant impact in the developing world. It operates on the belief in the untapped potential of girls, women, and youth, serving as a powerful launchpad for over a thousand initiatives worldwide.”

Among its notable initiatives are “Feed All,” “Bank Every Woman,” “Every Child Learns,” and “Health Reach,” all backed by Africa’s First Ladies and global allies, transforming visionary ideas into tangible actions, she added.

“The AWBU stands as a prominent pan-African alliance, uniting Africa’s leading businesswomen. They are described as game-changers and visionaries, actively shaping the future of African business leadership.”

This union is not just a collective; it’s a movement, boldly and fearlessly driving transformation with the support of Africa’s First Ladies, marking a new era of dynamic change.

As these organizations look towards India, they see a nation that has demonstrated remarkable progress in empowering women and eradicating poverty, making it a potentially ideal partner for their future endeavors.

Highlighting the significance of India’s achievements during her visit to Kerala, Deborah Elizabeth delved into India’s progressive strategies for tackling issues similar to those in Africa, particularly focusing on poverty eradication and women’s empowerment.

Saying that her experience at Cotton Hill Girls Higher Secondary School underscored the critical role of girls’ education in societal transformation, she said educating girls not only empowers them but also has a ripple effect, improving health outcomes and economic growth.

At the Kudumbashree headquarters, Deborah explored a model that could inspire similar programs in Africa. Kudumbashree, a unique community-based initiative, has been pivotal in empowering women at the grassroots level in Kerala.

“It integrates microfinance, entrepreneurship, and social development, demonstrating a comprehensive approach to poverty elimination. This model, which has effectively mobilized women in local communities, could provide valuable insights for developing similar programs in African countries, emphasizing the importance of women’s active participation in economic and social development.”

Through microfinance institutions, India has successfully enabled countless women to access vital financial services, catalyzing their journey towards entrepreneurship and significant economic participation.

This partnership leverages India’s successful practices, aiming to replicate and adapt these empowering strategies within the African context, thereby amplifying the economic impact on women across continents.

She said her visit to Kerala, witnessing the efforts in education and poverty eradication, showcased the profound respect India has for its cultural ties with Africa.

This partnership, rooted in mutual understanding and shared goals, sets a precedent for how nations can work together to uplift their citizens, especially women, and acknowledges the immense potential of Africa on the global stage.

“The First Lady of Sierra Leone, Fatima Maada Bio, a dynamic force in the Women United Foundation and its international spokesperson, stands as a transformative leader in the global arena. Her active engagement in combating gender-based violence and elevating women’s leadership in Sierra Leone has been nothing short of groundbreaking.”

Her commitment to fostering solutions and nurturing beneficial partnerships with nations that deeply respect African culture, particularly India, underscores her visionary approach.

Dr. Martha Namunjebo Tilahun, a distinguished Board Member of Women United Foundation and a renowned African business leader, emphatically highlighted the critical role of respectful and collaborative partnerships in spurring Africa’s development.

She particularly lauded India as an exemplary partner, noting its commendable strides in fostering sustainable growth and women’s empowerment.

India’s approach, combining cultural respect with developmental foresight, is seen as a model for fruitful international collaboration, setting the stage for transformative progress in Africa.

Honorary President of Women United Foundation Daphna Ziman, a businesswoman, philanthropist, and the only woman owner of a television network, sees immense potential in the India-Africa partnership.

As the head of a women-owned network, Ziman believes that such collaborations are vital for nurturing an entrepreneurial ecosystem that empowers women entrepreneurs.

She recognizes the immense potential in the India-Africa partnership, seeing it as vital for creating an entrepreneurial ecosystem that supports women entrepreneurs.

The exploratory partnership between the Women United Foundation, the African Women Business Union (AWBU), and India embodies a shared vision for empowering women and eradicating poverty.

She said her journey in Kerala sheds light on India’s effective models in education and microfinance, offering inspiration for similar initiatives in Africa.

The admiration for India’s progress, under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, and the recognition of Africa’s global significance underscore the potential of this collaboration.

As this partnership unfolds, it promises to leverage cultural understanding, respect, and mutual goals, setting a new benchmark for empowering women and fostering sustainable development across continents.

During her visit to Kerala, she called on several prominent people, including General Education and Labour Minister V. Sivankutty, Additional Director General of Police Ajith Kumar I.P.S., former chief minister EMS Namboodiripad’s daughter, E.M Radha, and Dr. K. M. Abraham, Chief Principal Secretary to the Chief Minister of Kerala and Chief Executive Officer of the Kerala Infrastructure Investment Fund Board (KIIFB).

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