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An event not less than a movie scene


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One can witness a drastic difference between the Indian and the Pakistan army personnel through an event that recently took place.

When a juvenile of 8 years from Pakistan named Qareem mistakenly crossed the border and entered Indian origin, the Border Security Force (BSF) fed him and sent him safely to the origin of his belongings.

Where on the other hand, an Indian man mistakenly crossed the borders and went to Pakistan, the Pakistani army lay him behind the bars. Though great efforts being done by Indian army personnel no development is seen in getting the man back due to Pakistan’s inhumane disposition.

On Friday, April 2, while patrolling at the Badmer border at 5 pm, some army men witnessed a boy sobbing. On asking he named himself Qareem.

He further said that while grazing his goats and lambs he bypassed the route and mistakenly entered the Indian border.

The BSF personnel calmed down the child, took him to the police quarters and fed him.

The 8-year-old juvenile Qareem was a native of the Nagarparkar region of Tharparkar district, Pakistan.  His father’s name was Daman Khan.

Following that the BSF personnel informed the Pakistani Rangers about the event and in the evening a flag meeting was arranged. Around 7 pm Qareem was handed over to the Pakistani Rangers.

Notably, 6 months back, an Indian man Gemaram, a native of Sajjan Ka Par village that falls under the ambit of Bijrad police station of Badmer district mistakenly crossed borders on November 5, 2020.

On November 6 he was detained by the Pakistani army men and BSF was not even informed about such an event that took place at midnight on November 5.

On constant search of the man, it was found that Gemaram was found in the borders of Pakistan and therefore was detained by Pakistani Rangers and is put behind the bars.

The Badmer-Jaisalmer MP and State Agriculture Minister Kailash Chaudhry along with former MP Manvendra Singh tried hard to get back the Indian native Gemaram but despite the efforts, he is still not freed by the Pakistani Rangers.

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