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ATS in action: Caught two Muslim clerics in the trap


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One more racket got into the trap of the UP Anti-Terrorism Squad (ATS) after four days of acute investigation.

 The gang of two Islamic clerics (Maulana) was found converting Hindus through motivational thoughts and quotes. The Uttar Pradesh ATS team caught the two in the trap from Lucknow. The investigative testimonials revealed that the Maulanas were funded by the Intelligence agency of Pakistan, ISI.

ATS in action: Caught two Muslim clerics in the trap -
Maulana Jahangir and Umar Gautam

It was observed that the two Maulanas were incorporated into a renowned Muslim institution in Lucknow and targeted the underprivileged Hindus for their mission. They confessed of converting around a thousand Hindus until date. The people targeted mainly composed of the deaf and dumb and women.

A Muslim cleric in Rampur was caught converting two Hindu children by coercively doing their circumcision.

Both the accused are residents of western Uttar Pradesh who were majorly funded by a Muslim institution from outside the boundaries. The ATS team is investigating further in the matter.

Reports say that the Maulanas running the institution were identified as ‘Islamic Dava Centre’. Both the cleric namely Maulana Umar Gautam and Jahangir respectively were witnessed beating up temple votary in a temple in the Dasna region in Delhi.

In the confession, it was revealed that both of them worked in the ‘Deaf society’ in Noida where the voiceless and deafened are provided education. They converted most of the Hindus among them by alluring and baiting.

The list of a thousand converted women and children has been recovered. Confession was recorded of them confirming the conversion of almost all the women and children in Noida, Kanpur, and Banaras. It was discovered that a child from Kanpur was travelled to south India by the gang and the Special Task Force (STF) is investigating the matter.

In a recent update, it was discovered that Maulana Umar Gautam was a Hindu-Rajput before his conversion to Islam and he was named Shyam Prakash Singh Gautam. After converting himself he was identified as Mohammad Umar Gautam. He at 20 years decided to go with the Islamic religion for life and converted himself to Nainital.

In a You-tube video, Umar Gautam introduced himself saying they are 6 brothers, and he is fourth among them. He took birth in the Rajput clan and lived in the Fatehpur region in Uttar Pradesh and the family continues to follow the Hindu religion.

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