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Australia’s cow therapy is helping people combat mental health issues


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Indian cow breeds are now being used in Australia to help people fight mental health issues. In North Queensland, ‘cow cuddling centres’ have been made where people hug cows in order to seek mental peace. They spend time with the cows and look after them as well. And while people are paying a fee do indulge in all these activities, 4 NDIS (National Disability Insurance Scheme) companies are planning to cover this under their new schemes.

Indian cow breeds have been chosen for this therapy as they are calm in nature. One employee at a cow cuddling farm, Donna Astil, who is suffering from personality disorder, depression and anxiety, is getting better each day and said, “These Indian cows have saved my life. If somebody would have talked to me about cow therapy a year ago, I would have thought of it as a laughingstock, but I have improved a lot over the last year”.

She further said that even her twin sons are observing the changes in her mental health.

Donna added that each cow has its own personality and they cure you from within and that these cows have become therapists for people suffering from autism spectrum as well, they are being treated by making them stay with these cows. Earlier to this, such people were kept with horses which was known as ‘iquine therapy’.

As per autism activist and scientist, Temple Grandin, people suffering from autism are unable to get comfortable around other people and therefore, they feel a lot more at ease with animals. And slowly with time, they start getting comfortable around humans as well.

Cow therapy is now becoming the new favourite in Australia as an option to iquine therapy.

In Brisbane, a cow cuddling farm’s founder, 34-year-old Lawrence Fox said that he has been looking at people getting cured at the farm. People with numerous types of mental health ailments are visiting the farm who are aggressive and can attack somebody anytime, but both the patients and Lawrence have found peace and happiness by spending time with the cows.

Lawrence has bought all the cows with crypto-currency. The cow therapy business became his brainchild while he was pursuing his MBA degree at the Central Queensland University.

Sonakshi Datta
Sonakshi Datta
Journalist who wants to cover the truth which others look the other way from.

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