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Bangladesh’s police appreciated by USA for maintaining law and order


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Dhaka: A report, published by the US State Department, mentioned the ability of Bangladesh police force to control law and order situation.

The report mentioned that Bangladesh has the ability to patrol land and sea borders. Besides, the airport has increased modern equipment and manpower to check cargo and passengers.

The issue was mentioned in the ‘Country Report on Terrorism 2021’ published by the US State Department on Monday (Feb 27).

According to the report, there were three significant terrorist incidents in Bangladesh in 2021 and these were prevented by the country’s law and order forces. In one such incident, US-trained officers defused a bomb with a US remote-controlled robot.

According to the report, two incidents took place in Narayanganj on May 17 and July 11, 2021. Besides, on September 16, a person named Delwar Hossain threw a bomb at a car in Gulshan diplomatic area. The ‘terrorist’ thought he had targeted a US embassy vehicle and was promptly arrested.

The report also noted that Bangladesh police’s Counter-Terrorism and Transnational Crime Unit (CTTC) conducted 40 investigations and made 85 arrests in 2021. It said, on the other hand, Chittagong Police arrested 10 people in 40 incidents. The Anti-Terrorism Unit has increased its capacity and is believed to have investigated around 75 cases.

In that time, CTTC has managed to bring 10 terrorists to normal life and each of them has been returned to their families, US authorities said in the report. Besides, the government has modernized the madrasa curriculum and the police are working with the leaders of various communities to combat terrorism.

There are about 700 cases in seven anti-terrorism tribunals. The report also mentioned that as many as 4,600 cases are now pending in eight cyber tribunals.

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