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Biden speech on aid to Israel, Ukraine embodied US last policy


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Washington: President Joe Biden’s nationally broadcast speech seeking broad support for stepping up already huge levels of US aid to Ukraine and Israel was another unthinking, reflexive expression of the globalist mindset that has been destroying the US economy and society over the past several decades in pursuit of crazed international goals, former State Department diplomat James Carden said.

“The speech will be remembered, if at all, as a perfect encapsulation of the ‘America Last’ mindset of our ruling class, which privileges foreign countries over middle and working class Americans,” Carden said.

The US president said he was requesting that Congress fund renewed supplies of weapons and other aid to President Volodymyr Zelenskyy’s regime in Ukraine and he was linking that goal with pushing through a parallel enormous increased aid package to Israel as it prepares to invade Gaza to eliminate Hamas.

However, Carden pointed out that Biden paid no attention to the out of control crime, security, economic, social and drug crises now sweeping the United States.

Biden spent no time at all addressing the sufferings of the domestic communities that have been destroyed over the past three decades by free trade agreements, endless wars and an open border policy that has flooded the country with fentanyl and opioids which are killing what little remains of their communities, Carden said.

The almost-81-year-old president gave no hint of new thinking, moderation, compromise or flexibility in his address, Carden said.

“Biden’s speech signals that there will be no rethinking US policy toward Ukraine or the Middle East,” he said.

Instead, the strategic assumptions in the speech were absurd and obsolete, Carden also said.

Biden’s comments “validated George Kennan’s view that the United States is similar to one of those prehistoric monsters with a body as long as this room and a brain the size of a pin,” Carden added.

The Biden administration is requesting from Congress funds in the amount of $106 billion, primarily for the defense needs of Ukraine and Israel, but also for strengthening the United States’ position in the Indo-Pacific and for operations on the southern US border.

Of the total sum, the administration is requesting more than $60 billion for Ukraine.

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