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BTS’ Jin drops his debut solo ‘The Astronaut’


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New Delhi: Kim Seok-jin (Jin) of iconic pop sensation BTS released his debut solo single, co-written with Coldplay, on Friday.

The single garnered 2.5 million views in just an hour. The visuals show a forlorn looking Jin watching past a crashed space ship, and then the story of ‘you and me’ takes off.

Jin and Coldplay will also be performing The Astronaut for the first time live for a world audience at the Coldplay’s concert in the Argentina capital. Jin reached Buenos Aires a few days early and attended the concert that has started already.

Introducing ‘The Astronaut’, Jin said in a pre-recorded video how he felt while making and releasing the song. What he said roughly translates to:

“Hello, I’m BTS Jin. Today is the day my solo single ‘The Astronaut’ is being released.

“I’ve always greeted you all along with the members (BTS), but because I’m greeting you all alone like this, I’m a bit shy and quite nervous. (Jin along with Suga and Jungkook are considered the introverts of the septet)

He then used a Korean phrase that kind of means “I look forward to your kind cooperation”, the eldest member of the band sought the ARMYs love and acknowledgement for his single effort.

Jin said: “Until now, there were songs I made to celebrate my birthday, or open/free public songs for fans, or solo songs included in BTS’s albums, but because an album in my name like this is a first,” he accepted he is “very nervous, my heart is fluttering on one hand”, but also added, “I’m excited to see how a lot of people listen to the song.

“While preparing my solo single, I was able to feel, once again, the preciousness/importance of the members.

“I have diligently prepared (the song) thinking of you all, fans, I hope a lot of people like it, and I made it with the hope that you all feel happy at least while listening to this song.

“‘The Astronaut’ is a type of song in which the calm melody of the acoustic guitar and synth sounds are incredible charming. As I wrote the lyrics, I tried expressing in the lyrics my feelings for ARMYs who made what I am now, as Jin of BTS.

“The lyrics is the story of me — flowing/wandering aimlessly, and you, ARMY, who find my dream for me”, he went on to express his deep gratitude towards the fandom ARMY.

“I think that it goes well with the cool autumn breeze!” Jin’s earlier singles have also been superhits be it Epiphany, Super Tuna, Moon — ARMYs around the globe have loved them.

Jin said this song has a dreamlike vibe while being refreshing at the same time.

He thanked Coldplay. “In this solo single, I got to co-write the song with Coldplay. I got to participate in writing the lyrics and composing the song jointly with them, and I got to work together with them once again after ‘My Universe.’

He talked aboutr his connection with the Chris Martin group. “Once again, I would like to say thank you to our Coldplay hyungnims.”

“The Astronaut” music video was filmed in the US. Jin said: “You can see me crash-landing on Earth. It’s about me, who comes from another planet to Earth while wandering in space.”

The release close on the heels of Jin’s, as well as the other six members’ announcement that they will begin to fulfill their compulsory military service for their nation, South Korea.

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