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China faces blackouts, factory shutdowns, goods supply stalls


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A new crisis has erupted in south-western China. Due to the lack of electricity supply, car-manufacturing plants and electronics factories have been shut down. The owners of electric cars have to wait at the charging stations for whole nights. Due to the reduction of water levels in rivers, ships are not sailing in them. The region is facing tumultuous times, following 11 weeks of scorching summers, and a lack of water, as 75% of its power-supply is dependent on dams.

The economy is also facing troubles as after the factory shutdowns, goods supplies have also stalled. The situation has worsened and it was already difficult for China’s communist government to revive the economy after strict COVID-19 lockdowns in the country. There is a lack of jobs for the youth and looking at the economic crisis, people are saving as much money as possible.

Reduction has been recorded in the number of new houses being bought. The long-drawn summers are now posing a threat on the crops and cases of forest-fires have increased.

In many cities, constant blackouts are being followed while many are limiting the use of electricity. In many areas of Sichuan province’s capital, Chengdu, people are facing power-cuts for as long as 10 hours a day.

It has been more than two months that China is facing extreme summers and as a result, the reduction of hydro-power production in Sichuan has adversely affected industrial activities. Chengdu’s Volkswagen factory is shut for the last 10 days. Toyota’s plant is locked down as well.

Near central China’s Wuhan, in a city called Ezhou, the water level in River Yangtze is the lowest after 1865. In eastern China too, a lack of electricity is being faced.

Sonakshi Datta
Sonakshi Datta
Journalist who wants to cover the truth which others look the other way from.

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