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Clear and Present Challenges- Undercurrent & Road ahead


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The Government with a decisive mandate is now stuck from internal issues and external issues with a burgeoning population and its necessities to uplift to the standard of developed countries. We are no one to educate the Government as those who sit on that bed of Thorn will always know it better.

You have Neighbours who expect that someday we will implode as a nation and break apart as many countries within a country. They are working religiously on their agenda. We have many hands-on gloves who out of their thinking are Party with them. One Nation thinks of us as a competitor on its own although the saddle of the trade balance is tipped in their favour. Who thought we would have a Pandemic of this magnitude, which will derail the gains of past years of our agenda of Business and People development. The Geostrategic location of India has been always the envy of hostile Neighbours and others as well.

The way Pandemic has put a drag on Resources of Nations we need to mobilize countries of the World to define the role of the UN, which has become a décor piece in name of assembly of countries. The way the information related to Pandemic has been shared across the world and every country has absorbed the blow of devastation on their own tells why we need a coherent International body who can act in tandem to save Planet. While advanced nations snoop on Individuals, States and their Government Decisions, the way Pandemic’s intelligence shared was much worse than to be said as Pathetic.

The more it senses the Pandemic as a tool of Evil minds to control narratives of People, their Economics and Business. Things will never be the same as what it was before March 2020. Countries shall realign their friends and priorities. We shall also not wait for reforms of UN to happen but we may counter hostilities and bullies through Regional Blocks and alignments like QUAD, G7 Nations, and BRICS to suit our self-interests.

The ever-expanding ties with the Middle East ensure our energy requirements are met and are secure than global forums like Paris accord will boost our commitment to mitigate the effects of climate change.

Nationally few changes need to be done to move ahead in a new normal.

  1. Elections

They need to be banned for the next 3 years. We need to have the same government at all levels to continue in sync with the central government more than ever. If required directives of Courts can be sought citing as an avoidable exercise to safeguard Public health and exchequer.

  1. Natural Calamity

This Pandemic which has been raised from Wuhan and has spread all over World must be treated as a National natural calamity in magnitude and accordingly growth stimulus to Civic life, Business and Environment must be provided in a way similar to the care we do for plants of our Pots before they grow strength to bear shocks of new calamity.

  1. New Health Policy

While Governments are struggling with what they received as legacy and are not sufficient as has been accepted by courts, the urgency shown to ramp up healthcare should not only sustain but must be planned if a Bio warfare is unleashed openly on us by our hostile neighbour taking a cue from this Pandemic. People will always have this to say that Government could do better but why not plan for to save people from Chemical and Nuclear attacks as well. This will mean more hospitals and more accountability of states towards the health of People.

  1. Self Sufficiency

It shall be the key for growth drivers to enhance inputs in GDP. The major chunk of growth will be from rural areas we need to be more than self-sufficient in Agriculture, Trade ideas through Start-ups, New and Promoting more Research and Development through Premier Institutions like IITs, IISC, TIFR as Public-Private Consortiums. Growth drivers will reach us towards ‘Atma Nirbhar Bharat’.

  1. Brain Drain

Let’s do to minimize brain drain as it cannot stop, Migration has been age-old practice and its key to the exchange of Ideas across the World plus fusions of Culture and Population is a tool of evolving civilization. The Brains treated and respected, as resources will only help to plug gaps of efficient resources.

  1. Clean Up Acts

The judiciary be more proactive to root out systemic rot of corruption and timely punishments may establish faith in Justice and its compliance to a civic society. Needless to say that we have seen black marketeers and hoarders during the Pandemic punishing people of their greed. Governments have rules to punish these people but stricter compliance is a War cry.

  1. Media

The Media running agenda to sensationalize news through their analysis has put people in more distress and anxiety. We need to have control of information (not censor) flowing out to the public as to Right of Information. A study suggests that 80% Senior Citizens are in distress due to Pandemic and News Broadcasters shouting out loud round the clock that everything is lost including Hope.

Social media also needs control or it shall start setting narrative and agenda on Paid basis and according to paying hands. We see toolkits emerging as a ploy to manipulate thinking by bombarding propaganda as information.


We are fighting this Pandemic in a similar way the 300 Spartans fought the rabble-rousing marching enemy in flick 300 gathering and using our resources judicially. Not all have lost and we still have hope that we shall overcome this and emerge stronger than ever we were as a Nation and a good fare society.

We as a society has greater responsibility to act cohesively and in Unison to this, clear and present dangers and more that would be coming our ways as obstacle to our Journey of JagatGuru and us shaping World as ‘Vasudhaiva Kutumbkam.

[author title=”Satyaprakash Mishra,
Columnist, Goa Chronicle” image=”http://goachronicle.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/05/unnamed-2.jpg”]I am a Post graduate in Environmental Science and MBA in Marketing and IT . I did Sales for initial few years before I moved into HR and Admin and handled Generalist HR in various IT and ITES MNCs . I have knack for standing out and going extempore on topic of my choice /understanding with emphasis on factual correctness which I prefer to read and prepare through various sources . [/author]

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