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Cover over Bharat Mata statue at Issaki Amman temple has been removed

Chennai: The Bharat Mata statue at the Issaki Amman temple has been restored to its original position this morning. The cover over the statute has been removed by an Order of the Collector.

BJP leader Tarun Vijay who has been spearheading this moment to restore Bharat Mata statue took to social media to tweet “We won. Late night collector ordered to restore statue #Kanyakumari to original position.”

The Bharat Mata statue stands on the premises of Issaki Amman temple, which is 200 years old. The land is a private property and the owner installed a statue and adorned it with a tri-colour saree. They are worshipping her along with the villagers.

Deputy Superintendent of Police Baskaran acting on the orders of the Revenue Department had ordered his officers to cover the statue. 

The compliant was filed by a villager reportedly egged on the Christian groups in the village.

In his petition to the district collector, T Muthukumar, owner of the Temple, said, “The statue was on our Patta land without affecting public peace or law and order. It did not create any communal clashes. My ancestors built the temple, and we have been maintaining the same for generations.”

Savio Rodrigues

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  1. This is not an all-is-well-that-ends-well story. This story is incomplete unless the culprits are brought to book. Please name each and everyone involved from the top to the guy who wrapped the cloth and press charges against them. Otherwise, expect this to repeat.

    1. Isnt the Police Officer, who is expected to be a patriotic and duty bound towards the service of the nation expected to slap the charge against the complainant at the first instance? Instead of which he covered the statute.

      What is the action against him?

  2. The Bharat Mata statue at the Issaki Amman temple, Kanniyakumari has been restored to its original position. The cover over the statute has been removed….

    What’s the issue? Where are we heading to? 🤔

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