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Demand for official Telangana Liberation Day celebration by Kishan Reddy


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Hyderabad: G Kishan Reddy, Union Tourism & Culture Minister and President of the Telangana BJP, has called for the official celebration of Telangana Liberation Day on September 17.

He emphasized the historical significance of this day, asserting that it should be commemorated as a symbol of Telangana’s independence rather than integration.

Addressing a press conference at the state party headquarters on Tuesday, Reddy highlighted the events leading up to September 17, 1948, when Hyderabad was under the rule of Asaf Jahis and Nizam rulers from 1724. He underscored the sacrifices and struggles of the people of Telangana against the oppressive Nizam regime and attributed the region’s liberation to the courage of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel.

Reddy pointed out that of the 16 districts governed by the Nizam of Hyderabad, eight now belong to Telangana, five to Maharashtra, and three to Karnataka. The Nizam, he noted, was subservient to the British, importing weaponry and aligning with their interests to protect his kingdom.

The Seventh Nizam, Mir Usman Ali Khan, who ruled from 1911 to September 17, 1940, attempted to maintain the independence of Hyderabad and promote Islamization. He obstructed the Indian independence movement within his state and initiated efforts to convert Hindus to Islam.

In response to the Nizam’s oppressive rule, resistance movements sprang up across Telangana, leading to casualties, forced conversions, and mass migrations of people to neighbouring regions.

Reddy condemned the atrocities committed by the Razakars, an extremist Muslim group led by Kasim Razvi, and their collaboration with the Majlis Itte Hadal, which sought to Islamize Hindu customs and temples.

In August 1947, despite India gaining independence, the Seventh Nizam declared Hyderabad’s continued independence, but the situation changed drastically with the Indian Army’s “Operation Polo” on September 13, 1948. Hyderabad was surrounded, leading to the Nizam’s surrender on September 17.

Reddy criticized the Congress government for concealing the true history of Telangana’s liberation for decades and commended the BJP for organizing events to commemorate the day since 1998.

He questioned why Telangana Liberation Day had not been officially celebrated and accused the ruling Congress party of capitulating to the MIM party’s demands, compromising Telangana’s identity.

As part of the Azadi Ka Amrit celebrations, Telangana Liberation Day was officially observed on September 17 this year at the Parade Grounds, with Home Minister Amit Shah as the chief guest. Similar celebrations are planned for the coming years.

Reddy also criticized Chief Minister KCR’s decision to label the day as “Integration Day” and called for the preservation of the historical significance of September 17.

He highlighted the importance of remembering the sacrifices of those who fought for Telangana’s liberation and emphasized the need to celebrate the day with national pride.

Reddy announced his efforts to mobilize support for the official celebration of Telangana Liberation Day and extended invitations to the Chief Ministers of Telangana, Karnataka, and Maharashtra to participate in future commemorations.

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