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Dr Tedros who will answer for the death of a loved one!


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Yesterday, I received a shocking message from a childhood friend.

His message read, “Savio please accept my heartfelt condolences on the demise of your mother. Eternal rest grant unto her O Lord. May the perpetual light shine upon her. May her Soul Rest in Peace Amen.”

I decided not react angrily. I knew my friend made a genuine error because I knew my mother was alive, as I had just spoken to her 30-minutes ago.

After a series of messages between this friend and me. He realised his error. That he had messaged the wrong Savio. 

Strangely, the Savio he was referring too and mistook it to be me, who lost his mother due to COVID-19; not only shared a similar name to mine but his mother’s name too was similar to the name of my mother.

He profusely apologised for the error. I told him not worry about the mistaken identity and to be with his friend another Savio who lost his mother due to COVID-19.

It dawned on me that God has been kind and merciful to me that COVID-19 did not attack my parents. But the brutal truth is that someone somewhere with the name Savio lost his mother due to COVID-19. 

The brutal truth that there are many more people with different names who have lost people they love.

Across the world 4,02,243 people have died due to COVID-19. In India, 6946 innocent people of lost their lives due to coronavirus pandemic.

At the back of the mind of most people in the world, death is accepted but not expected. You want to live forever with the people you love.

No one ever imagined that people in the world would be dying unexpectedly and so rapidly due to a virus that was never known to exist before.

People were living their dreams and aspirations before the coronavirus struck the world and casted a black shadow over our lives.

In most medical records in the world, the death of people due to COVID-19 will remain mere statistics but to the family that has lost a loved one, it is a bitter and devastating truth of having to life without the person you love.

There is no balm to soothe the pain of losing a loved one.

The sad and diabolic truth about the coronavirus pandemic is that lives are being snuffed out for no fault of the people dying or their family members.

The virus is attacking people randomly and killing people without an iota of conscience. It is attacking families all over the world in an impassioned manner. Nobody knows if they or their families are safe anymore, anywhere in this world. People can only be precautious by adopting strong non-pharmaceutical measures. People will have to wait for a vaccine and cure to come about.

The death of a loved one due to COVID-19 is coming as an unexpected shock to many families. It is a traumatic time in the lives of those who have lost a loved one. No one money can compensate the loss. 

The death of innocent people around the world should be one of primary reason for the world to unite and fight COVID-19 together. Nations must also unite to investigate the origins of the virus at Wuhan, China. 

The virus is not a vile act of nature. There is enough circumstantial evidence to initiate an investigations on the premise that the virus came from a lab in Wuhan, China.

There is also enough evidence that show the World Health Organisation and its Director General Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus derelicted in their primary responsibility to detect and prevent the coronavirus pandemic.

It is clearly evident that Dr Tedros worked to cover-up China’s fault and delayed information to the world.

The people who has lost their lives due to COVID-19 must get justice. They can only get justice if the truth of the origin of the coronavirus pandemic is investigated and people are told the truth soon.

People of the world want to know the truth and they want justice not politics around the deaths of their loved ones due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Dr Tedros who will answer for the death of a loved one.

In all the diplomatic parlance, politics of cover-up, waiting for a vaccine and pleading for funds for the WHO, when will you tell the people of the world, who should be held accountable for the death of a loved one.

Nobody deserved to die. Nobody expected a death due to COVID-19. The WHO could have saved lives but it failed. The reason for its failure can only be speculated at this time but it needs to be investigated.

The people of the world must relentlessly pursue the truth behind the coronavirus. Otherwise the truth will be buried with the memories of our loved ones and the people responsible will go unpunished.

My prayers to all the families around the world who have lost their loved ones. Stay strong because the one you love one watches over you along with angels in heaven.

Dr Tedros when will you show solidarity with the people who have lost their lives instead of just using the word repeatedly in your press conferences and social media posts.

Dr Tedros when you tweet about love and hope and honesty, you laugh at the families of the people who have died due to the coronavirus, because you have neither shown love; nor given these families a hope of knowing the truth about the origin of virus and you have not been honest about the true nature of the coronavirus before it spread throughout the world. You could have saved lives.

Dr Tedros someone needs to answer to the people who lost their loved ones. Do you have the courage to answer. I doubt!



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