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Emergency UNSC Meet to decide fate of Afghanistan


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An emergency meeting of the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) was held on Monday on the current crisis and chaos Afghanistan is facing. In the meet, the UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres has urged the nations to step forward to help the Afghan people in their hardest times.

Under the Presidentship of India at the UNSC meeting on Monday, the SG of United Nations Guterres spoke of the national societies to get united to help the Afghan people as they aspire to live a dignified life. The Afghan people have already witnessed several such wars and have lived its diverse effects, Guterres stated.

India at UNSC has spoken stalwartly on the issue of zero tolerance towards terrorism. Alongside made its strong point as the land of Afghanistan would not be allowed to use for and stimulate terrorism. India’s permanent representative at the United Nations TS Tirumurti asserted, “We have seen very unfortunate scenes at Hamid Karzai International Airport in Kabul that widespread panic among the people. Women and children are in distress. Incidents of firing have been reported from the city, including the airport.”

He further asserted, “If Afghan land isn’t utilized for terror, Neighbors would feel safer. Before the current crisis unfolded, India had ongoing development projects in every one of 34 provinces of Afghanistan. We call upon parties concerned to maintain law & order, ensure safety & security of all concerned including UN diplomatic & consular personnel.”

While Afghanistan’s permanent representative at the UNSC, Ghulam M Isaczai, representing millions of Afghans stated “Taliban is not honoring their promises & commitments made in their statements at Doha & other international forums. Residents are living in absolute fear. He further asserted, “Taliban have already started house to house searches in some neighborhoods registering names & looking for people in their target list.” he further appealed to the UN Secretary-General to use every means of its disposal to call immediate ceasefire and respect for human rights and international humanitarian law.”

Antonio Guterres at the meet urged the nations to consolidate and propose help to the Afghans. He said the days ahead to be crucial for the land of Afghan and UNSC to keep an eye over it. Moreover, Guterres appealed to the terror group Taliban to spare people’s lives there and make them meet their necessities.

The member nations of the United Nations were directed to help the Afghans in their tough times with the aid necessary for rescue operations. Showing concern for the women and children in Afghanistan Guterres appealed to the nations to not refute shelters to the refugees as a terror group cannot be allowed a plinth to spread its chaos in the world and destroy peace.

“We must speak in one voice to uphold human rights in Afghanistan. I call upon Taliban & all parties to respect & protect international humanitarian law & rights & freedom of all persons,” says Antonio Guterres at the UNSC meeting.

Notably, the US troops have been withdrawn from Afghanistan and they now at the meet assure the Afghans to provide refuge to their land. The permanent representative of the US at UNSC, Linda Thomas Greenfield says, “We’re deeply concerned that aid is not flowing to people in crisis. As per World Food Programme, over 500 tonnes of aid are currently sitting at border crossings taken over by the Taliban. These aid deliveries must resume immediately.”

Notably, China, Pakistan, Turkey, and Iran have opened their arms supporting the Taliban in power in Afghanistan. While the world deals with the terrorist organization to abandon the land of Afghans, few Islamic nations are coming forth in their support. Radical Islamic troops in the nations have made the lives of others hell on their own land and the backing from a few more adds to the radicalism in many others.

It is prime time to deal with the world terror,
unitedly to bring about peace and solidarity in the world. The terror state cannot talk about peace and prosperity if it acts just against humanity.

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