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Exploring the Soul of Goa: Beyond the Tourist Trails


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Attracting over three and a half million tourists from all corners of the world each year, Goa stands as India’s premier party hotspot and a favoured destination for many travellers. With its rich mosaic of Indian and Portuguese traditions, combined with the allure of sunshine, scrumptious seafood, profound spirituality, and the lively culture of the Konkan state, Goa epitomizes a pocket-sized paradise in India.

The best way to truly uncover the essence of Goa, beyond the commercial attractions, is to embark on a road trip across this mesmerizing land. Driving through the winding roads, surrounded by lush landscapes and the inviting coastline, allows you to stumble upon the hidden and offbeat gems that define Goa’s unique charm. Having forged an impressive 17-year path in the road trip industry, Savaari car rentals have become a name synonymous with memorable and unique road trip adventures. With a history of crafting experiences that resonate for a lifetime, Savaari has navigated myriad routes across Goa’s picturesque landscapes. Here are some unique experiences in Goa that go beyond the usual tourist path.

Indulge in handmade delights at Jila Bakery, a 50-year-old tradition

Situated in Ambora Village, South Goa, Jila Bakery is renowned for its chocolate eclairs, once favoured by Indira Gandhi herself. More of a home than a typical bakery, it offers other handmade and reasonably priced treats like Geneva pastries and Melting Moments. A visit here is a must for a taste of tradition and sweetness.


Witness Olive Ridley Turtles at Galgibaga Beach

Galgibaga is not only the cleanest beach in Goa but also a seasonal nesting ground for the endangered Olive Ridley turtle. One of Goa’s hidden treasures, it’s adorned with clear waters and shimmering silver sands. If fortune smiles, you might even encounter turtle eggs or nests during your visit.


Relish Goa’s culinary treasures at Chef Peter’s Kitchen in Pilerne

Venture into an unforgettable gastronomic odyssey that encapsulates Goa’s unique culinary heritage. The chef, honoured with the ‘Best Chef of India’ accolade by the Department of Tourism in the independent establishment division, ensures an exceptional presentation of delectable Goan cuisine! Delight in iconic dishes like Goan Fish Curry, Chicken Cafreal, Pork Vindaloo, and many more.


Witness the submerged mystery of Curdi Village 

A remarkable destination that makes a brief appearance just once a year, the village of Curdi (or Kurdi) intrigues many. Initially submerged in the 1980s with the creation of the Salaulim Dam, the entire village had to relocate. From June to mid-April, the village remains underwater, only to emerge and dry up from mid-April to May or mid-June. During this fleeting window, visitors can explore the stunning valleys surrounded by lush green mountains, or observe the barren land that tells a tale of transformation and adaptation. The easiest way to get there is by booking a Savaari and letting the chauffeur guide you so that on your way back, the only thing on your mind is all the memories you’re going to carry throughout your life!


Refresh yourself at Bamanbudo Waterfall, a hidden retreat

The Bamanbudo waterfall offers a charming refuge from Goa’s bustling life. Easily accessible yet often overlooked, it serves as a delightful spot for a rejuvenating dip. Don’t miss the opportunity to explore this ecstatic place, a true symbol of Goa’s unexplored beauty.


Journey through mythological times at Cabo De Rama

Hidden away off the Mumbai-Cochin highway, Cabo De Rama offers a quiet retreat, unveiling magnificent views of the sea and the beach below. Finding the location could be challenging, but you can rely on your skilled Savaari driver to lead you to the historic fort. Originally built by Shivaji Maharaj in 1679, the fort represents Indian Fort Architecture. Named after Lord Rama, the hero of the epic Ramayana, it holds historical significance as a place where Rama and Sita took refuge during their exile. From the fort, one can embrace the majestic panoramas of Colva Beach and the Canacona stretch.


Revel into ancient rimes at Arvalem caves

The mysterious Arvalem Caves, or Pandava Caves, date back to the 6th century and offer a blend of architectural styles. Some attribute them to the Pandavas due to the Shivlingas present, while others suggest a Buddhist origin, citing a nearby Buddha statue. Regardless of its roots, the cave’s rock-cut foundations and enigmatic appeal never cease to captivate visitors.


Witness the magic of Netravali’s bubbling lake

To experience an unusual marvel in Goa, one must visit the bubbling lake of Netravali. Shielded from the usual tourist crowd, this lake showcases an interesting play of nature. The continuous bubble formation due to underlying Methane provides a delightful spectacle. For those seeking a little more, the pristine waters offer a natural fish spa experience.


Embark on a boozy historical journey at an alcohol museum 

Take a step into India’s first-ever alcohol museum, situated in North Goa’s Candolim. Nestled in Candolim, the museum proudly showcases centuries-old bottles, glasses, and unique manufacturing equipment from around the globe. Dive deep into history with a visit to the Feni cellar, housing vintage bottles from as early as 1946. Elevate your visit with a feni tasting and pairing experience.


Leap into an adrenaline overdrive at Mayem Lake

For thrill-seekers looking for the ultimate adrenaline rush, bungee jumping at Mayem Lake offers an experience like no other. With the scenic lake as your backdrop, take a leap into the open air and experience exhilaration that promises to be a memory for a lifetime.


Revel in Susegad vibes at Cajy Bar, Arpora

Enter Cajy Bar in Arpora, an embodiment of the local susegad spirit. With a laid-back atmosphere, this cherished bar serves up pocket-friendly drinks paired with scrumptious Goan appetizers. Having carved its legacy over the decades, Cajy Bar remains a beloved spot for both locals and tourists.


Embarking on a road trip through Goa weaves a mosaic of indelible memories and vibrant experiences. With the ease and luxury of booking a Savaari, the multifaceted landscapes, rich culture, and delectable flavours of Goa become an intimate journey, all from the comfort of your backseat. You’ll carry with you a profound piece of Goa’s authentic essence, having connected with the locals and discovered nuances that make you fall in love with the land in a way that transcends typical tourism. This emotional bond, this newfound love, is the true treasure of your Goan adventure.



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