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German population reaches its highest mark at 8.43 crores


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The population of Germany has now touched a record 8.43 crores, and around 11 lakh people have increased in the country due to the coming of refugees in large numbers. Because of the Russia-Ukraine war, 7 lakh Ukrainian refugees are living in Germany. In the meanwhile, population in other European countries has dwindled. As compared to 2021, there has been a 7% drop in the birth rate of Germany, and 10 lakh people lost their lives in 2022, which is 4% more than 2021. During the last year, 8, 43, 000 new people have been added to the population of Germany.

In the last 10 years, the population of the countries with a population of more than 1 crore has gone down. This includes European countries like Romania, Italy, Poland, Ukraine, and Portugal. The world’s population is now 8 billion, but because of increasing expenditure in countries like China, people are avoiding expanding their families, which resulted in the drop in population.

As per recent estimates, India has become the world’s most populous country, overtaking China. On the other hand, the populations of Japan and Syria have fallen as well. Between 2011 and 2021, the population of Japan went down by more than 3 lakhs. As per projections, by 2030, the populations of Russia, South Korea, and Germany will also start to dwindle. It is also expected that by 2050, the populations of North Korea, Thailand, France, and Sri Lanka will fall down as well.


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