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Gerodontics: A lost trend


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Gerodontics or geriatrics involves all efforts geared towards the delivery of dental care to older adults involving their diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of the problems associated. Usually, these problems have a close link with age related changes that occur in the oral tissues after the teeth have fully erupted.

Our elderly people, in most cases, tend to have significant medical issues such as caries, periodontitis, tooth loss, benign mucosal lesions, oral cancers, xerostomia among others, and in most cases, are taking multiple medications. The treatment alternatives for such dental-problems can be tooth extractions for decayed & grossly infected teeth, dental implants after careful evaluation of bone density (loss of bone density is a natural part of aging process), denture placements to assist with restoration of oral function sometimes after loss of the dental arch, regular oral cancer screenings, and periodontal treatment to reverse the signs & symptoms of gum disease.

Much as all these are of importance, please make it a priority to always get your older relatives for frequent geriatric dental health care as it is the key to the prevention and elimination of oral and other diseases linked to them, like stroke, diabetes and heart diseases.

Gerodontics: A lost trend - dental care, Gerodontics, older adults, periodontitis, tooth loss

Author: Omara Albert Martin

General Dentist, with keen interests in good dental health for all, regardless of age.



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