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Gestures more effective than language, reveals study in USA


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It has been determined by a recent study carried out by USA’s Vanderbilt University that there is a deep relationship between language and gestures, and your gestures can be impactful in deciding as to how much your talks will create a difference for the other person. Body language can strengthen and make effective, poor language.

As per the study, body language is like a bridge connecting the speaker with the listener, also, body language is highly crucial for patients suffering from Alzheimer’s. Our hands move according to the intensity of the things spoken about. Somebody can look at our hand gestures from a distance and still realize whether we are calm or in anger. Teachers use body language at its best in classrooms, and political leaders, during delivering a speech.

A child learns to express using gestures before he learns a language, and many a times, things which cannot be talked about with words, can be expressed using gestures. Gestures are also helpful in determining the feelings of people who are unable to hear or speak. And while we talk, our feelings are highlighted not only through gestures like the ones made with our hands, but also through our eyes.

As per linguists and psychologists, the speaker is usually not able to understand their own body language, and they don’t realize the way they use their hands while talking, while on the other hand, the listener is most affected by the speaker’s body language, gestures and appearance. According to researchers, language can easily be changed , but it is highly difficult to change the body language, although it can be changed after practicing for a long span of time.

Sonakshi Datta
Sonakshi Datta
Journalist who wants to cover the truth which others look the other way from.

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