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Go corona Go!

We are coming to the far end of a year which will be known down the line for good, bad, and ugly reasons and I am quite sure the wily and ageless Clint Eastwood will agree on this. 


This was a year where Corona virus showed us who is the real showstopper and brought the whole world in pause mode allowing everyone to deliberate about the past, present and the future. The Covid-19 or like an orange haired Republican calls it -“China virus “ has in an uncanny way made the boundaries smaller across the world as everyone is fighting an invisible enemy whose power knows no bounds. 


The rules of life have changed, albeit for the better and the animals as well as Mother Nature are having a real hearty laugh at our expense. 


I fervently believe that an epidemic of such a nature has caused collateral damage which is unmeasurable, but it has also changed the tempo of doing business with agility, endurance and speed being the buzzwords around the globe.


It’s time for us to be inclusive rather than staying exclusive, look inward and realise that gratitude is the best attitude. Period!


About the Author

Shekhar Vijayan is an Entertainer, Motivational Speaker, Founder & CEO of Shevins Entertainment Pvt Ltd, Social Activist, Global Citizen, Tv Panelist and an Author. He has entertained, engaged, motivated and inspired in events of all kind from corporate to community. He has also conducted workshops on storytelling and public speaking for schools, colleges and Entrepreneurs. The former has a gift of the gab and is deeply passionate about fighting against Red Tapism, Nepotism, bureaucracy and abuse of power. He is a patriot who believes in nation first and is reachable on www.shekharvijayan.com.

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