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Goodbye Irochka!

Progeria– a syndrome affecting the genetic conditions characterized by the rapid and dramatic appearance of aging from childhood itself. Scientifically known as ‘Hutchinson-Gilford Progeria Syndrome’. It affects the body in such a manner, where the child looks normal at his/her birth and early infancy but then grows at a rapid pace, unlike other children. They develop characteristics like prominent eyes, a thin nose with a beaked tip, thin lips, a small chin, and protruding ears. It causes intense hair loss and aged-looking skin as fats become almost nil in the body.  

A young child of Ukraine also suffered the same and lost her life to the syndromic ailment at the mere age of 10 namely Iryna (Irochka) Khimich. As she suffered from the ailment, at the mere age of 10 her appearance was that of similar to an 80-year-old woman as this syndrome turns the age almost 8 times to the real one.

 Irochka, despite being physically different, held a unique talent of painting using both her hands. As per the medical experts, Irochka was dealing with such a rare ailment which has happened to only 179 across the whole world.

With her amazing talent, she drew the world’s attention and reached new heights of fame at a very young age. She even dreamt of visiting Paris once in a lifetime to showcase her uniqueness and tremendous talent but before the dream was fulfilled, she breathed her last breath. Her mother Dina informed the happening through her social media account.

Ukrainian businessman, Andrey Zdesenko who helped the little girl gather crowd funds also mourned her untimely demise as he said “Irochka Khimich has gone to heaven”. And she fought the battle bravely for 10 years.

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