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Hamas attacked Israel to ignite an Arab war


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Ever since the violent images of the horrible terror attack on innocent Israeli citizens went viral around the world on October 7th, 2023, I have kept trying to comprehend the logic behind Hamas breaching the borders of Israel and driving into the country to unleash unprecedented terror on the Israelis and then return back to Gaza.

If Hamas wanted a war with Israel it needed to continue its attack on Israel because its terrorists were already in Israel. They, however, brutally killed 1400 Israeli citizens, injured 3800 people, kidnapped 220 citizens, and returned back to Gaza.

Hamas wanted Israel to attack Gaza. They wanted to stir hatred in every Muslim around the world and radicalized their mind because Israel in its retaliation, no matter how cautious the IDF would be to minimize civilian casualty, innocent Palestinians were going to be used by Hamas as human shields.

Hamas wanted the world to see the destruction and death that Israel would unleash on the Palestinians even though Israel’s aim would be to destroy Hamas. The collateral damage to Palestinian lives was inevitable. Hamas unleashed terror first but will now use Palestinian lives to cry victim and further instigate Islamic radicals in the Arab world and around the globe, particularly in the US, India, the UK, and some European nations that are heavily populated with citizens and migrants from Islamic nations.

Hamas does not want a war with Israel. Hamas wants the Arab nations to go to war with Israel and it wants Islamic radicals across the US, the UK, India, and other European nations to unleash anarchy and bring those nations to the brink of a civil war. The protests around the world under the guise of Pro-Palestine protests are a camouflage to the real intent of Hamas. Islamic terrorists do not peace, they want every nation to be turned into an Islamic nation and they know they can bring some of the toughest nations in the world to their knees if Islamists around the world decide to unleash Islamic terrorism globally.

Through its act of terrorism, Hamas has inspired other Islamic radicalized organizations to undertake acts of intimidation, unleashing brute force and even orchestrating more terror attacks around the world. Hamas showed other terror organizations that Israel, a nation considered unpenetrable had not only been penetrated but a massive blow had been delivered on its government, its intelligence, and its people. Hamas in 2014, unleashed a terror attack on Israel. Israel went to war with the Hamas and after a few weeks, a ceasefire was reached.

In order to tame the beast of Islamic radicalism and terrorism proliferated by Hamas in Gaza, the United Nations, the US, Qatar, and Israel decided on the establishment of a new mechanism, under which the Qatari government will assist the Gaza Strip in the amount of USD 30 million per month. Of this, around USD 10 million would be earmarked for the purchase of fuel from Israel for the operations of the only power plant in the Gaza Strip. USD 10 million would be set aside for financing the salaries of government employees and USD 10 million for monthly aid of USD 100 to 100,000 needy families in the Gaza Strip. Israel and others thought that the more Hamas and the people supporting it accumulated wealth and assets, the less appetite it would have for its diabolical Islamic radical ideology and for the calling of the destruction of Israel.

The leaders of Hamas reportedly have accumulated wealth, former Hamas Chief Khalesh Mashal who spoke at a Pro-Palestine protest rally in Kerala through video-conferencing of USD 5 billion. Hamas leadership revels in accumulated wealth living in posh residences in different protected safe havens in the Arab world mostly in Qatar while Palestinians face the brunt of the wrath of Israel. Most of this wealth has reportedly come from Qatar and Iran to keep alive the war with Israel. Hamas has only one ideology and that is making money for its terror acts against Israel. It uses the Islamic radicalized ideology to brainwash people in the Gaza Strip to support its cause of the war with Israel.

Hamas was instructed by Iran, funded by Qatar, and received indirect strategic and tacit support from China. Hamas is a hired gun. It had one job, unleash a brutal terror attack on Israel, be the wolf in Israel, and then retreat back to the Gaza Strip and become a sheep. Their act and the retaliation from Israel are slowly being propagated around the world as the brutality of the Western world and Israel against the Muslims. Islamists in the US, the UK, India, and other European nations have over the years managed to play the victim card to perfection. Human rights organizations and global watchers such as the United Nations have bought into the story that the Islamic radicals are persecuted children of lesser God and therefore they become terrorists.

Islamic radicalism has been breeding terrorists in most countries around the world. Unleashing terror and then playing victims is not a new phenomenon. In the weeks ahead, Palestinians will become the victims and Israel will become the oppressor. The left media will help the Islamic radicals propagate this narrative. Islamic radicals and communists have a history of working together to promote anarchy in democratic nations.

Last week, the United Nations called for an immediate and sustained humanitarian truce leading to a cessation of hostilities. The General Assembly demanded the unhindered provision of essential aid to civilians throughout the Gaza Strip, as the body continued its emergency session on the situation in the Middle East. The Assembly also failed to unequivocally reject and condemn the terrorist attacks by Hamas that took place in Israel starting on 7 October. By a recorded vote of 121 in favor to 14 against, with 44 abstentions, the Assembly adopted the resolution titled “Protection of civilians and upholding legal and humanitarian obligation.

In the weeks ahead, terror groups from Lebanon, Syria, and nations like Iran, Turkey, Jordan, and Egypt will turn hostile towards Israel. Islamic radicals around the world will continue their protests under the guise of protecting the rights of the people of Palestine and look for an opportunity to turn hostile to countries supporting Israel and the US. In India, Islamic radicals will look for an opportunity to unleash terror, and states in India like Kerala, Delhi, Maharashtra and Uttar Pradesh need to be on alert.

Israel will not agree to a ceasefire. Israel has no option but to destroy Hamas from its roots because the pain inflicted on the people of Israel by Hamas will not be forgotten and will not be forgiven. Israel knows that the damage to its reputation by the Hamas terror attack is immense that it can destroy the faith of its people in its own government, own intelligence and own military. Israel survival in the future depends on the retribution it extracts from Hamas.


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