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Illegitimate conversions widespread across the world


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A gang of many funded by Pakistan’s Intelligence agency ISI has a huge network widespread in India that’s doing forceful conversions of poor Hindus. Two of the leading agents of it, Maulana Jahangir and Umar Gautam have been taken into custody by the UP Anti-Terrorism Squad.

 Many distressing revelations are made by the two on the coercive conversions they did in the past.

Recently it has been divulged that the school for deaf and dumb in Noida, UP which was the main centre of the delinquents to convert maximum differently abled children was also used to provide training of terrorist activities to the children.

The network of this gang is not only limited to Uttar Pradesh but is also found in Kerala, Assam, Jammu and Kashmir, Maharashtra, Delhi, and Tamil Nadu. This appalling revelation was made by the founder and Secretary-General of the deaf society Ruma Roka in the investigation carried out by the ATS. The deaf society was the main centre of illegal and coercive conversion of Hindu children to follow Islam.

 One accused of Umar Gautam’s new videos has also been recovered by the Anti-Terrorism Squad. The video reveals him saying until now he has travelled 18 times to England and 4 times to the USA. As the case has unfurled its wings rapidly and as foreign agencies’ involvement is anticipated, the case is most likely to be handed over to the National Investigation Agency (NIA) of India.

What are the revelations the manageress of deaf society made in the investigation?

Ruma Roka, the manageress of the deaf society based in Noida, UP made revelations

Illegitimate conversions widespread across the world -
Ruma Roka, Founder and Secretary General of Noida Deaf Society

·       The children who faced pungency from society and are brush aside by the mainstream, such children were targeted for conversion and were even trained for terrorism.

·       Pakistani intelligence agency ISI has put its agents in India and the Maulanas working for Islamic Da’wah Centre for many years were targeting the Hindu children in the deaf society.

·       In school, many Muslim clerics (Maulana) and terrorists in disguise of Hindu teachers with a reason of clearing doubts, allured students for conversion.

·       Kashmiri students tempted and baited Hindu students with the monetary tools they were provided by the Islamic institutions.

·       The moment Hindu students showcase their interest in it, the information is passed to the ‘Islamic Da’wah Center’ via school staff.

·       The students who get themselves converted; ISI paid monetary funding to them.

·       As soon as the students got converted, they were sent to the Thangalpara region of Idukki district in Kerala to train them for Terrorist activities and make them radical Muslims. Training camps for the same were found.

·       The camp based in Kerala gave lessons to the students of Jihad education. They were even trained for swimming, tracking, and operating the world’s most neoteric weapons.

As the ATS investigates the matter by digging it deeper, the Maulanas so detained are interrogated thoroughly. Both the clerics were presented before the court on Tuesday. A remand of both is accepted by the court. They were interrogated on Wednesday along with the manageress of the deaf society, Ruma Roka.

In another video of Umar Gautam, he was observed claiming Islamic Da’wah Centre to have converted almost 1000 Hindus in Jamia in Delhi and made out the documents of the same. The Islamic Da’wah Centre on average converted over 15 Hindus in a month. He even confessed that the institution not just works in India but is also proactive in England, Singapore and Poland.

What is the current scenario in this case?

·       As per the reports, NIA can take over the case soon.

·       The prime accused of the racket is said to be an individual living in Jamia Nagar, Delhi.

·       National agencies are pro-active as the racket is backed by Pakistani intelligence agency ISI and international funding.

·       On Wednesday, ATS once again investigated Maulana Jahangir and Umar Gautam. Both are taken at remand by the ATS.

·       The malefactors will be booked by the National Security Agency (NSA).

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