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In a first, GI tagged ‘Madurai’ Malli, traditional TN flowers flagged off to Muscat


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Chennai: In a first and an attempt to harness the export potential, GI (Geographical Indication) Madurai Malli (Jasmine Flower) from Madurai and other traditional flowers were flagged off to Muscat.

The flag off ceremony was organized virtually by APEDA for its exports to Muscat. Apart from Madurai Malli, traditional flowers (Mullai, Pitchi, Button Rose, Chamanthi, Marigold, Tulsi, Lotus, Paneer Rose, Lilly) sourced from Nilakottai, Dindigul and nearby areas of Madurai district from Tamil Nadu, were exported to Muscat.

Approx. 0.5 ton of consignment consisting of GI Madurai Malli (Jasmine flower) and other traditional flowers of Tamil Nadu have been air lifted to Oman, Muscat.Muscat, a couple of days back, official sources said today.

Madurai malli, which is synonymous with that temple city, is cultivated widely in the districts of Madurai and other neighbouring places like Virudhunagar, Theni, Sivaganga and Dindigul districts.

Madurai Malli is the most popular flower known for its unique, powerful, mysteriously attractive fragrance. It is known as Madurai Malli because of its origin viz., “Madurai”. Its uniqueness dates back to 300 BC or earlier.

There are extensive references to the flower in Sangam Literature (collection of Tamil poems of 300 BC to AD 300) which are believed to have been composed or written at the assembly of Tamil scholars during that period. Madurai Malli symbolizes ancient Tamil traditions and remains as one of the few remnants of Tamilian’s cultural past.

The image of the jasmine flower can be found in ancient temple carvings, paintings and in local jewellery. The flower takes the pride of being the first flower in Tamil Nadu for being granted with GI mark in the year 2013. The GI Tag and this registration gives a legal protection for the growers and only those involved in the cultivation are entitled to use the word “Madurai Malli”.

It has also helped the farmers to prevent adulteration when exported.

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