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India our Mother! Respect Her!


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My mother walks with a limp. I never noticed this deformity all through my growing years.

I always saw my mother as a kind and compassionate woman with a great sense of belief in God and her purpose in life.

One day a friend of mine, asked me, ‘Why does your mother limp?

I looked at him with great shock, wondering whether he has lost his mind. I retorted, “Are you mad?

But then I noticed my mother walk and realised that the she did indeed have a limp. That was the only time, I noticed it. I asked her about it. She narrated the reason of the deformity and that was the end of that observation; because even after that I still do not see my mother with a limp.

I don’t notice this deformity because her love, sacrifices and kindness over the last 43 years overshadowed this one body anomaly.

In the same passion that I revere my mother, I love my #BharatMata.

I am not saying India is perfect. No nation is ever perfect.

India does have its anomalies. But these anomalies are overshadowed by the freedom, set of Vedic values, cultural heritage, sense of brotherhood and identity our nation gives us.

At the grassroots every citizen of our great nation lives in unity, love and peace with each other.

At times we become pawns of enemies within and outside. We fall prey to their machinations and get divided on grounds of caste, creed, political preferences and social status.

Enemies of Mother India thrive on driving hate in our nation.

Some of our enemies turn to our own people to drive communal and caste based hatred.

They are blind to the truth about India and driven by their greed to betray India. 

It is important for every Indian to understand the pertinent value of belonging to a nation and the strength our Mother instills in us.

As a Nation today, India is poised to be a global beacon of unity, secularism and cultural harmony.

In a world torn by religious and political strife, our nation’s embodiment of Sanatan Dharma will be the light that other countries will turn too.

Open your eyes, my dear fellow sons and daughters of #BharatMata it is time to unite and stay united as one family, one India. It is our oneness that will help us scale greater heights in the days ahead.

Some Indians do not appreciate India. They are always finding faults, comparing our nation to other nations. They have a condescending attitude to our value system and our culture. Some Indians even go to the extent of belittling India at any opportunity they get within India and outside of India.

To them, I have only one thing to say, if you want a better India, they be the person working towards a better India and not just criticising the nation.

To those who have sold their souls to another nation. I have nothing to say to you other than the simple fact that you might hate your mother, but you mother will never hate you.

To those who have devoted and dedicated their lives to India. I applaud your efforts and salute you.

One India. One People. One Vision – Take India Forward.

Jai Hind!

Happy Independence Day

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