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Indian Artificial Intelligence on the field to help the forces

The hi-tech cameras will now help the security forces to have an eagle eye on infiltrations of China and Pakistan through distinct borders as they are designed in such a way that they can detect a vehicle from a wide distance of 20 km.

A widely spread nation like India has been always on target by Pakistan and China over many years in the past. The Indian army as ever keeps an eagle eye on the infiltrators to protect the land and millions of countrymen. In the last few years, the use of technology has been constantly increasing in military operations for surveillance. However, for such advanced technology India until now has to depend on technology-oriented nations like the USA, Russia, and Israel. But now the domestic Artificial Intelligence agencies are witnessing new dawn in the field. For the development of the same, the defense sector and Indian Artificial Intelligence agencies are working hand in hand with sheer efficacy.

For efficient surveillance on the borders of China, India is to put up exceptional cameras on the field. Optimized Electrotech, a startup from Ahmedabad, Gujarat is to play a prominent role in the initiative. Putting it in simple words, the cameras by the new startup will now be keeping an eagle eye on the borders of China and Pakistan. The device holds multiple significant features among which the most prominent is that it can capture the loaded vehicle from a wide range of 20 km and can detect the resource being carried in it viz human or substantial.

Trial Camera on the Chinese border

As per the reports, Optimized Electrotech co-founder Mr. Sandeep Shah claimed to have been put up a camera for the trial base on the Indo-China border. The results came as the camera was successful in catching the details about infiltrations done and the minute movements of the army from neighboring countries.

Specifications of the Hi-tech device

Detection: the camera detects the minute movements of a vehicle from a wide-ranged distance of 30 km and manly movements from a wide-ranged distance of 18 km.

Identification: the vehicle moving in the area belongs to the army or a normally used vehicle will be detected from a distance of 20 km.

  • It also specifies the army vehicle to carry human resources or armaments and weapons. Moreover, it passes the alert message whether the manly movements in the field are of a civilian with or without weapons.
  • The movements of army personnel and civilians can be detected with the camera precisely whereas it also passes high alert when any conspicuous movements occur in the border area.

Technology: made with artificial intelligence the camera works with Machine learning techniques and informs the control room about the conspicuous movements in the alerting area with its high-resolution image. The camera rotates 360 degrees.

India to root its position in Border surveillance

Co-founder Sandeep Shah asserted “it is near to impossible for only three army men to keep an eye on the borders of India widespread across thousand miles and the core reason why technology is needed on the battlefield. The camera will serve the purpose of catching the minutest details and movements in the civilian restricted area and even beyond help the forces safeguard the land.”

He further said, “India has been a constant customer of America, Russia, and Israel in terms of technology although it costs much higher. In the last few years, Indian policies have witnessed some dramatic changes which have contributed efficiently to the domestic market as the forces now use (mostly) the domestic surveillance systems and technology developed in the nation itself. However, the benchmark in these systems is recorded very high as Afterall the core concern is India’s security. The companies and start-ups related to the defense sectors have also been actively participating. This will enable the real growth of the nation as ‘Atmanirbhar Bharat’ in the upcoming years and will be rooting its existence in the efficient border surveillance systems.”

Defense policy contributed to better opportunities

The government of India passed a Defense Procurement Policy back in the year 2016 and the prominence was laid on domestic weapons and armaments. This widened the opportunities for the Indian start-ups who dreamt of creating such efficient technological weapons and devices which can contribute to the development process. Today, Optimize Electrotech is one of the top 10 defense start-ups inside the boundaries.

Internal Security to be at the core

The cameras fulfill the demand in various other fields as airports, railway stations, and bus stations as well. It can even be used to detect conspicuous movements in government or non-government buildings, public places, etc. The camera is adorned with the latest technology of face recognition, body temperature, thermal image, and many such.

Manufacturing of such is done in Bengaluru with the price ranging from INR 20 lakhs to 3 crores.

The initiative of Atmanirbhar Bharat has been making a great impact on the Indian economy as well as in the growing process of India at a global plinth. As the brains of India, are now working for the betterment of the land, the day isn’t far away when India will make it to a platform that it used to be in its glorious history.

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