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Indian Economy is brightest among developing nations: VP


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Chennai: The Indian economy is the brightest among the developing nations in the world, Vice President Jagdeep Dhankar said on Tuesday.

Inaugurating the Center for Innovation Facility at IIT-Madras here, he shared the contemporaneous global scenario in which India is a bright star and hailed by everyone in the world.

“Amongst the developing nations, our economy is the brightest without a doubt, we are expected to grow many times more than the growth of many developed nations”, he said.

“India became the world’s fifth largest economy in September, 2022, when we overtook our erstwhile colonial rulers and became the fifth largest economy. I have no doubt that by the turn of the decade we will be the third largest economy in the world”, he said.

“And with warriors of 2047 before me, by that time we’ll be at the peak and no one can do otherwise”, the Vice-President said, adding, India’s rise was unstoppable and it would continue to live on an incremental trajectory.

Despite the stressful global scenario in the south east and west, India continues to rise. “Our Bharat is a land of opportunity, a land of global destination for Investment and Opportunity”, Mr Jagdeep Dhankar said.

“When India speaks now, the World Listens”, he said and quoted two statements made by Prime Minister Narendra Modi–(a)India has never engaged in expansion. And this is not an era of expansion. (b) War is not a solution to any problem. Problems in the world have to be resolved through dialogue and diplomacy.”

The best defense is strategic preparedness and one of the great facets of economic preparedness is economic nationalism. “We have to inspire and motivate our people to be little thoughtful and care for economic nationalism”, he noted.

“Diwali k Diye aur Patang, Bahar se aane chaiye kya?Aur Patake to yahi ban sakte hain; (Should we be importing items like earthen lamps for Diwali & kites from other countries?)”, he asked.

Observing that Alumni are the spinal strength of any institution and Institutions grow on the shoulders of the Alumni, their laurels and their contributions, the Vice President said IIT-Madras Director Prof V.Kamakoti along with the faculty, during this Amrit Kal, 75th year of independence, will be creating those warriors who will shape the destiny of India in 2047.

“Let us have a mechanism for a structured evolution of Alumni in all institutions. Those Alumni institutions will take care of our nationalism, our economic nationalism and our growth trajectory”, he added.

“I would want this great institution to take a lead in building a modern platform for all alumni working together by having Alumni Confederation.

Globe would not have seen a more penetrating think tank to change the world for the better”, he said.

The inauguration of the Innovation centre indicates the changing ecosystem and the new profile, which India is indicating to the world at large.

Mr Jagdeep Dhankar said in July 2022, IIT-Madras launched something unique and that was an out of the box thinking online course.

“In this country we really need to think out of the box for our solutions. Innovative thinking is in our DNA. We only have to activate it and this is being activated in this institute. It is at the epicenter for this most wholesome development with the target to reach one million schools and college students. No doubt the target shall be attained”, he said.

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