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Is India a free ‘dharmshala’ for Rohingyas and Bangladeshis with no place for Hindu migrants?


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On Tuesday, 16th May, the district administration of Jaisalmer’s Rajasthan demolished 28 housing structures belonging to Hindu migrants from Pakistan, in the Amar Sagar Gram Panchayat of the city. And while the Hindu camp was demolished, the women were lathi-charged and children were left without water, in the scorching summer heat of western Rajasthan. As per a report from The Times of India, at least three of the Hindu migrant women sustained injuries, and had to be hospitalized after being hit with lathis.

This move, in the name of encroachment of government land, comes less than a month after 24th April, when 70 houses of Pakistani Hindu migrants were demolished in Jodhpur by the district administration, again citing illegal encroachment.

The question which I would like to ask at this point in time is whether it is only the Hindu migrants who deserve to be displaced and their houses to be razed to the ground, while the illegal Rohingya and Bangladeshi Muslims, living across more than 12 states and Union Territories of the country, continue to thrive, multiply, and receive Aadhar cards and PAN cards? And if the illegal Rohingya and Bangladeshi Muslims, who are also huge terror threats to our country, can live peacefully in India, as if this place is their own fiefdom, why cannot the Hindu migrants enjoy the same perks in India?

Also, if it is so important to remove the ‘illegal encroachers’ from so-called government land, why are the Bangladeshi and Rohingya illegal immigrants not being thrown out of the country, which is already grappling with its own set of problems, and does not have the scope to deal with the increasing number of potential terrorists here?

Why is it that the illegal migrants, who are Rohingyas, living without any problems in places like Jammu, Kashmir, Telangana, Punjab, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, Delhi, Rajasthan, Tamil Nadu, Assam, Karnataka, Kerala, Maharashtra, and none other than their heaven in India, West Bengal? These are only the states where we are certain about their existence; only God knows where else and in what more pockets these people are enjoying a comfortable life. Not only are they living here as if this is their own country, they are also being given fake important documents like Aadhar cards, ration cards, PAN cards, and fake identity cards by the various state governments and administration which is hand in glove with them.

Coming back to Rajasthan itself, if the Jodhpur and Jaisalmer district administrations can take action on Hindu migrant settlements, what is stopping them from bulldozing illegal Muslim settlements? Why is the Rajasthan government or the Ajmer district administration not taking strict action inside the Dargah area of the city, wherein innumerable Pakistani, Bangladeshi, and Rohingya Muslims are living illegally, sheltered by the local Muslims? Ajmer is one of the many cities in India where the largest number of illegal Bangladeshis have created their settlements.

As per a survey which was held in 2022, more than 10 thousand illegal Bangladeshis are thriving in the Dargah area of Ajmer city, and they have voter IDs and ration cards. Let alone other states, if we look at Rajasthan itself, illegal Rohingyas, Bangladeshis, and Pakistani Muslims are not just living in Jaisalmer, Jodhpur, or Ajmer, a large number of them are also thriving with fake identities in Sarwad, Tonk, Nagaur, and other areas nearby. In Ajmer, the historic fort of Samrat Prithviraj Chauhan, the Taragarh Fort, has been completely encroached by illegal Rohingyas and Bangladeshis, who have turned the fort into a pit of garbage.

Every year, innumerable illegal Rohingyas, Bangladeshis, and Pakistanis are nabbed by police personnel in Ajmer and other cities of Rajasthan, but the district administrations and government are busy uprooting Hindu migrant settlements, despite the fact that the illegal Muslims are busy in nefarious activities like human, drug, and weapon trafficking, simply because India has become a free ‘dharmshala’ for all the Muslims who cross the borders from neighbouring countries and become a demographic and economic threat and burden, and when it comes to innocent Hindus, who cannot even defend themselves from lathi-charges, the administrations across the country are suddenly concerned about government land and encroachment.

India is becoming a dharmshala for illegal Muslim immigrants from Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Myanmar, and illegal Christian immigrants from Myanmar, who are rapidly changing the demographic pattern in the country, especially in regions like West Bengal and the North East, and another factor to be blamed for the same is the inaction of the central government, which, from the year 2019, is playing politics on the introduction of the CAA and NRC policies, and as soon as elections are won by the BJP, these hollow promises are put on the back-burner, something which happened in Karnataka as well, and resulted in the party’s defeat.

Surely, the talks of these policies will again be talked about by the BJP before the 2024 General Assembly elections, but as soon as they win the same, politicizing the matter and giving Hindus hope, Hindu migrants in the country will continue to be displaced, injured, and dead, while the free dharmshala for the Muslims will continue to provide its services!

Sonakshi Datta
Sonakshi Datta
Journalist who wants to cover the truth which others look the other way from.

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