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Israel tried to tame the radical Islamist beast Hamas


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On October 7, 2023, Hamas unleashed an unprecedented and brutal terror attack on innocent Israeli civilians. Reportedly, 1400 Israelis were murdered, 3800 injured and 240 kidnapped.

Israel in retaliation to end the terrorism of Hamas unleashed its war on terrorism in Gaza. 

While my heart goes out to the people of Israel who were tortured, raped and murdered. I also pray for the people of Palestine who are now facing the wrath of the Israeli Defence Forces (IDF) because Hamas will use them and abuse them as human shields. 

The endgame of the Israel-Hamas war is Israel taking control of Gaza and wiping out Hamas from its roots. The future of the people of Israel and more importantly the future of the people of Palestine is better served with Israel controlling and administrating Gaza than Hamas ever did. 

Hamas wielded considerable political clout in Gaza but in return, they failed to shape the destiny of the Palestinians residing in the Gaza Strip for the better, instead, it perpetuated the politics of fear and hate, leaving the future of many in Gaza in an abysmal pit, while Hamas leaders amassed massive fortune and global real estate assets.

Israel is not taking revenge on Hamas. It is fighting to end terrorism and protect its people from brutal terrorists. 

Sadly though, Israel is partly responsible for what happened to its people on October 7th, 2023. That date will go down in the history of Israel as a day the people of Israel learned that its nation was not secured from the beast of Islamic terrorism.

Israel made a grave mistake of believing that it could tame the beast of Islamic terrorism. Hamas is not just a reflection of Islamic radicalism, it is an embodiment of the danger of radical Islam and its evolution to a far greater danger of Islamic terrorism.

After the war between Israel and Hamas in 2014, the Israeli government in its strategic deduction decided to work on the construction of the concept that if people in Hamas were allowed to accumulate wealth and economic assets, they would have less of an appetite for terrorism and their ideology of murderous hate towards Israel and its people. 

Reportedly, Israel prior to the terror attack on October 7th, 2023 had issued more than 18,000 permits allowing the people of Gaza to cross into Israel to work in sectors of agriculture and construction. A worker from Gaza would earn 10 times more than what he would earn in the Gaza Strip. 

I remember a picture going viral in 2021, where a group of men from Gaza jostling amongst each other to submit their work permits for low-skilled jobs in Israel. In the picture, the Palestinian men waved their forms through a grill to the Israeli authorities. 

Israel thought Hamas would forget about their often-mouthed intent of the destruction of Israel and eradication of the Jewish community if Gaza was economically flourishing. Unfortunately, the naivety of the leaders of Israel since 2014, came back to haunt them on October 7th, 2023. Disturbingly, it comes at a heavy price – 1400 dead, 3800 injured, and 240 still in captivity of the Hamas, undergoing unthinkable torture and horrors. 

Israel attempted to tame the beast of Islamic terrorism failing to understand or acknowledge that the beast of Islamic terrorism can never be tamed. Islamic terrorism is the result of Islamic radicalism. Radical Islamists have been teaching their children from a young age in religious schools that their religion and their people can only prosper on hate for other religious communities and by enforcing the ideology of radical Islam.

For a moment, let us assume hypothetically, that Israel and Palestine work out a peaceful settlement over the Gaza Strip and the West Bank, would radical Islamists living around Israel and within Palestine stop their murderous hate for the Jewish people or stop their intent to wipe out Jews from the face of the earth or convert them to radical Islam. Islamic radicalism will not allow moderate and progressive Muslims in Palestine to evolve, there is not a hope in hell that they would alter their ingrained ideology to hate religious communities and spare the Jews.

Let us for the purpose of an academic discussion, assume that instead of the current geographical location of the people of Israel on the world map, Jews took another geographical location on the world map to call their own and left the Arab world for the radical Islamists in the region, would radical Islamists stop their ideology of hate and would they leave the people of Jewish lineage to live in peace in that non-Arab location. To be brutally honest, radical Islamists would never allow the people of Israel to live in peace, no matter in which geographical location on the planet Israelis lived.

Radical Islamists are a danger to all religious communities not only the Jews. No community in the world can live peacefully if there is a shadow of the beast of Islamic radicalism in a society. 

But in the world today, Islamic radicalism is no longer moving in the shadows, the beast has been unleashed. In the United States, the United Kingdom, Europe, and India in the coming months you will see the diabolical nature of the beast of radical Islam and its brutal manifestation of Islamic terrorism. Hamas’s terror attack on Israel is a mere flashpoint to the beginning of a long-drawn war between the radical Islamists with the rest of the civilized world. The uncivilized want to rule over the civilized. Their inherent barbarism continues and will continue because it is their inherent nature. 


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