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Jaquar Introduces Qloud: first of its kind intuitive and cutting-edge shower technology.


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Touch, the most intimate and intuitive of all human senses, now extends its power to your shower experience with Jaquar’s latest innovation – Qloud. Designed to revolutionize the way we interact with our showers, Jaquar Qloud brings the joy and simplicity of touch to your daily routine.

Touch- An All-Pervading Stimulus

Touch is not just a sensation; it’s a gateway to our world. It connects us, empowers us, and makes the virtual tangible. With Jaquar Qloud, this power is harnessed to redefine your showering experience. Imagine stepping into your shower and effortlessly controlling your showering environment with just a gentle touch.


Introducing Qloud

Jaquar Qloud is more than just a shower; it’s a complete solution designed to provide you with the finest showering experiences at your fingertips. Whether you crave the indulgence of a rain shower, the exhilaration of a waterfall soak, dreamy mist to envelop you, or the precise coverage of a hand shower, Qloud delivers it all with a touch. It responds instantly to your commands, making showering a natural and intuitive experience, much like the touch interfaces we use daily in our lives – from our phones to our appliances, gadgets and cars.

As a thermostatic shower mixer Jaquar Qloud offers precise regulation over temperature, water flow volume, and shower mode selection. Engineered for ease of operation and reliable performance, it combines the best of analogue and digital control systems to ensure an unmatched showering experience every time.

Key Functionality Features of Jaquar Qloud

Jaquar Introduces Qloud: first of its kind intuitive and cutting-edge shower technology. -

With Qloud, controlling your shower environment is effortless. Set the temperature and flow with a simple twist of a knob, and then let your fingertips do the rest. The system also includes safety features such as temperature lock and electronic valves for worry-free showering, along with a battery backup to ensure uninterrupted operation even during power outages.

Behind the elegant interface of Jaquar Qloud lies a robust system engineered to withstand tough Indian operating conditions and provide dependable performance. From hardy sensors to super-responsive electronic valves, every aspect of Qloud is designed to enhance your showering pleasure.


Choose the Qloud that Fits Your Needs

Jaquar Qloud comes in various configurations to suit your preferences. Whether you opt for a shower with a single mode or multiple modes, or prefer a hand shower or body shower, Qloud has you covered. Its trim plate can accommodate up to four touch buttons, allowing you to customize your showering experience according to your desires.

To complement your bathroom décor, Jaquar Qloud is available in a range of 6 exciting colour finishes, allowing you to choose the perfect aesthetic for your space.

Jaquar Qloud is now available for purchase, offering a revolutionary showering experience that combines elegance, functionality, and innovation like never before.

For more information, please visit www.jaquar.com.

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