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Kejriwal warns CAA migration impact could surpass partition


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New Delhi: Continuously targeting the Centre over the implementation of CAA, Delhi Chief Minister and Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) convener Arvind Kejriwal on Thursday warned that CAA-induced migration would have a much greater impact than what happened during the partition.

“If we are not capable of giving employment to our people, then how will we give employment and housing to refugees from Pakistan?” Kejriwal was questioned while responding to Home Minister Amit Shah’s reaction to his statement on CAA.

“In his statement, the Home Minister did not answer any questions raised by me, but he said Kejriwal is corrupt. I am not important,” Kejriwal asserted.

“The migration that will happen due to CAA will be bigger than what happened during the partition,” he said.

He further questioned, “Out of 2.5 to 3 crore illegal migrants, even if 1.5 crore from these three countries (Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Afghanistan) come to India, then who will employ them? Where will they be settled?”

“Taxpayers’ money will be spent on the rehabilitation of people from Pakistan and Bangladesh. If Pakistanis are settled across your street, will you accept it? Will your daughters be safe?” Kejriwal said.

He expressed concerns over the law-and-order situation. “Who will be these people? Pakistan will send many of them. Will our country be safe? A law-and-order situation will arise. That is my concern.

We should learn from other nations like Canada and the UK,” he said.

In the last ten years, more than 11 lakh traders and industrialists have left the country due to their policies and atrocities, Kejriwal said, adding,” If you want to bring people back, bring those 11 lakh industrialists and capitalists back. When they come, they will invest and provide employment,” Kejriwal said.

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