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Key to India’s development: strong infrastructural, agricultural, industrial base


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For an all-round economic development of India, it is important that we perform better in all the sectors of the economy, and as per the latest statistics of India’s infrastructural, agricultural, and industrial performances, it can safely be said that the country is witnessing rapid economic growth in the primary, secondary, as well as the tertiary sectors.

As mentioned in 3One4 Capital’s latest report, India- A Startups Nation, if we look at the infrastructural and industrial base of India, we get to know that our country is the second largest producer of steel in the world, with the production being 125 million tons. We are also the second largest producer of cement with a capacity of 545 million tons. Further, we are the largest manufacturer of two-wheelers, with a production of 17.7 million units, and as far as four-wheelers are concerned, we are the fourth-largest manufacturer with 4.25 million units’ production.

We are the second-largest in the field of construction, with 1.4 billion square feet of constructions. In addition to this, we generate a revenue of US$ 260 billion in the field of Information Technology Enabled Services (ITeS). We are also producing 1459 billion units of electricity, making us the third-largest producer of the same. India is also the second-largest user of wireless phones, with a total of 1200 million subscribers.

India is also the second-largest producer of coal, with a production of 780 million metric tons, and the fourth-largest producer of iron-ore with a production of 254 million tons. We are also the third-largest as far as aviation is concerned, with a passenger traffic of 341 million. Talking more about connectivity, we have the fourth-largest railway network of 67.9 thousand KMs, and the second-largest roadway network at 6.37 million KMs. Our ports manage 720.3 million metric tons of cargo traffic. Also, we are the second-largest textile producers with 71.05 billion square metres produced.

To have an overview of the industrial and infrastructural base of India, it is to be noted that in 2021-22, India’s total exports stood at US$ 418 billion, and we ranked 44th in the Logistics Performance Index (LPI), which was last updated back in 2018. Further, India’s air passenger traffic is growing at 16.5 percent, which is expected to become the third highest by the year 2024. Lastly, India produces 95 minerals in all, out of which 4 are fuel-related, 10 metallic, 23 non-metallic, 3 atomic, with 55 others.

After the industrial and infrastructural base, it is also crucial to note that the statistics concerning India’s agricultural base are even more impressive. We are the second-largest producer of food grains, with a production of 328 million tons. Next, we are the largest producer of milk with a production of 210 million tons. We are also the largest cotton producer, with a production of 34.2 million bales. India is also the second-largest horticultural producer with a yield of 342.3 million tons.

We are also the second-largest producer of sugar, with the production standing at 36.5 million tons, and are the largest exporter of spices, with total exports of US$ 4.2 billion. We have the largest cropland of 180.8 million hectares, and lastly, we also have the largest population of livestock at 537 million.

Apart from this, we are also a major producer of agrochemicals, tea, cashew, jute, oilseeds, etc., along with being the largest exporter of cereal products, cotton, bovine meat, sugar, etc. India is also the largest manufacturer of farm equipment, and our proximity to food-importing nations make us a favourable option as an exporter.

Sonakshi Datta
Sonakshi Datta
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