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Koo acquires over 1 crore plus downloads, shows gratitude to Goa Chronicle for the support.


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Founded by Aprameya Radhakrishna & Mayank Bidawatka, Koo a multilingual Indian app, has now gotten over 1 crore plus downloads only within 18 months. Koo is aiming to reach over 10 crore users in the next one year, said Aprameya Radhakrishna co-founder of Koo. Further adding that the number of downloads has reached a mark however Koo is yet to take off to its potential.

‘’Koo is catching the imagination of the common people, who are shaking off their reluctance to speak on social media because of their lack of English-speaking ability” Aprameya Radhakrishna.

Koo app grew momentum at a time when twitter was on a spree to put down the Indian laws and to start dictating terms according to their own will and wish. Koo came into the rescue for a large number of Indians as twitter had started to lose its credibility in India. Several other countries expressed their displeasure toward twitters arrogance and their negligence toward the country’s laws which also lead to the Nigerian Government banning twitter and moving to the Indian made app-Koo.

Why was twitter banned by Nigerian Government?

It came after twitter deleted a tweet posted by President Muhammadu Buhari for allegedly violating rules. Nigerian Government stated that twitter had been spreading fake news and were not abiding by the country norms.

Twitter faced a well-deserved backlash by Indians along with other countries for their arrogance, even Donald Trump the former US President encouraged more countries to take this step and to ban twitter.

On reaching a mark of 1crore plus downloads.

Koo personally reached out to Goa Chronicle’s founder and Editor-in-chief Savio Rodrigues extending their appreciation for all the support they received from Goa Chronicle:

 ‘’It gives us great pleasure to inform you that 10+ million users have downloaded Koo. We have achieved this in a short span of 16 months since launch. It would not have been possible without your continuous support.

I wanted to thank you personally for this immense support and I am sure you will always be there for us as we embark on a new journey to take it to 100 million downloads’’ said

Utkarsha Fogla-Head Strategic Accounts at Koo.

Aprameya Radhakrishna co-founder of Koo told PTI: ‘’Microblogging in India restricted to less than 2%, if one only looks at English. 98% of people who use the internet are not even aware of the fact that these microblogging platforms can give them a voice and a means to express their thoughts’’. This is what Koo is focusing on. Koo is an application where you can express your thoughts in your own regional languages within India such as Hindi, Telegu, Bengali etc.

Koo was launched in 2020 giving a neck to neck competition to twitter. While Twitter was becoming immensely negative, Koo came in as the knight in shining armor for many.

Koo acquires over 1 crore plus downloads, shows gratitude to Goa Chronicle for the support. -


Unlike twitter, Koo believes in freedom of speech and also knows how to distinguish between both-freedom of speech and radicalism. Koo plans to grow and it is aiming to cross a mark a of 500 million downloads in the next coming few years. Koo is also a platform where you can connect with likeminded folks, share your thoughts with each other and even grow your business while collaborating. Koo is obtainable is eight languages Hindi, Marathi, Assamese, Tamil, Kannada, Telugu, Bangla and English. Koo was started as a dream for the team, desiring to devise a digital platform for millions of Indians, for them to express their musings in their desired languages.

Prominent ones and government agencies who have their presence of Koo: Ministry of Railways, (MIETY) Ministry of electronics & information technology, (NIELIT) National institute of electronics & information technology, Digital India, Spiritual leader Sadhguru, Columnist Suhel Seth, wrestler Pawan Kumar. In the month of February, Piyush Goyal-Union Railway Minister appealed people to switch to Koo app, the app had seen a tremendous growth which was 4 times in the last couple of months said Mayank Bidawatka co-founder of Koo while speaking to News18, further stating that Koo also intends to help the public servants like politicians can connect better with their assemblage.

In an exclusive interview with Incubees, Co-Founder & CEO Aprameya Radhakrishnan spoke about his journey, the challenges by faced by them along with their achievements. To read the full interview, visit:


How did the idea (Koo app) occur?

An idea popped to Mayank Bidawatka co-founder and Aprameya while building a Q&A platform called Vokal which was their first multilingual product where users could share their knowledge with each other, however the feedback that was received said that users wish to express their thoughts in a freer manner and not just answer the questions. Further they thought of adding an ‘express’ button on Vokal however it did not work out as Vokal turned out to be a heavy Q&A use case so they ended up analyzing the whole idea and eventually separated both ideas and came up with Koo. Koo was also part of AatmaNirbhar Bharat App innovation challenge in the year 2020 and had won which brought them under the limelight.

Koo is an AatmaNirbhar application, and the present scenario among the start-up industry has been receiving intense funding along with a huge support from the Government as well. It is time we come together and utilize our own homegrown app. Koo has also gained a lot of popularity when Editor-in-Chief of Republic Media Network, Arnab Goswami announced an initiative by Republic to support homegrown apps and further started to release hashtags on Koo instead of Republic, which was an appreciated move.

In the month of May, the yellow bird which is the logo of Koo was altered and seen with changes, to which Aprameya said that it represents a fresh new look and a mark of our yellow little bird growing up from being a baby to an adolescent.

Koo acquires over 1 crore plus downloads, shows gratitude to Goa Chronicle for the support. -

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