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Lashkar handler trafficking drugs into India, maintains network across states


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This time, in order to push terrorists further, Pakistan has devised a new modus operandi. In order to destroy the youth of India with drugs and for the funding terrorist activities, the leadership of the drug syndicate has been given to Lashkar-I-Taiba’s handler, Haji Sahab alias Bhaijaan.

Indian investigative agencies have found the evidence of Haji’s involvement in trafficking drug consignments into India for the last few years. Bhaijaan’s drug supply network spreads across the Indian states of Gujarat, Punjab, Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Rajasthan and Maharashtra and the NIA is now preparing to bust the network.

After getting hold of a drug consignment near the Attari border a few days back, the NIA had raided places in Delhi, UP’s Muzzafarnagar, Uttarakhand’s Tihri and Rajasthan’s Jaipur. Following which, the NIA got to know that the heroine consignment was sent to India through the Attari Border by a person from Afghanistan, with the help of Haji Sahab.

Earlier, drug consignments were thrown into the Indian border area from the Pakistan border area at night and the smugglers in India picked them up. In some places, border areas received the drugs via tunnels which were constructed for the same. But when the army strengthened the security, the smugglers turned to drones for smuggling drugs.

As per sources, the sea route is now being used to smuggle drugs from Pakistan into India. Haji Sahab’s major drug smuggling route is from Gujarat. The NIA has got to know that in Pakistan, drugs are distributed in small boxes and are packed properly with the help of polythenes and in order to avert the dangers of the Indian coast guards’ radars, small boats are used. Even if the smugglers have to face the coast guards, the drug packets are thrown into the sea and the nautical miles of the spot is noted down and the smugglers run away.

The location is then told to the smugglers in Gujarat, who in turn, get their hands on the consignment with the help of swimmers. As per NIA sources, it was also known that many a times, the Pakistani smugglers hide the drugs in fishermen’s boats and give them to Indian smugglers at an unknown location, 7-8 KM away from Kutch’s Jakhau Port.

Using this route, smugglers had managed to send 500 KG heroine to Gujarat. The NIA has also interrogated arrested culprits in order to nab Haji Sahab.

As per the NIA, Haji Sahab alias Bhaijaan’s name first emerged after a 500 KG heroine consignment was caught in Gujarat, two years back. Back then, nine culprits, Bashir Dawood, Mamad Ibrahim Sama, Tamanna Gupta, Major Singh, Sahil Sharma, Anwar Masih, Sukhwinder Singh, Mantej Singh and Arman Bassar were arrested.

They had informed the Indian agency that the heroine was first brought to Pakistan from Dubai and then sent to Gujarat. Haji Sahad, who is involved in trafficking drugs to India for quite some time now, works for a drug syndicate, responsible for funding Pakistan’s terrorist groups.

The NIA is also investigating the probable involvement of Haji Sahab in the case of a 3000 KG heroine consignment caught in Gujarat’s Mundra port.

Sonakshi Datta
Sonakshi Datta
Journalist who wants to cover the truth which others look the other way from.

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