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Love Jihad: More than the Muslims, the Hindus are to be blamed


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Coming across ghastly cases of love jihad has now become a daily affair in this country, and while the Muslim-sympathizers continue to cry wolf when the dastardly acts of this crime are reported, saying that this is a Hindu ‘conspiracy theory’, innumerable Hindus, both males and females, continue to die at the hands of their Muslim perpetrators.

On Monday, 29th May, two more cases of love jihad have come to the fore which have become the talk of the town. The first case is from Delhi’s Shahabad Dairy, wherein a 20-year-old Muhammad Sahil stabbed his Hindu girlfriend, 16-year-old Sakshi, multiple times, and just to make sure that she dies, he then hit her with a stone on her head repeatedly.

On the other hand, in Uttar Pradesh’s Shahjahanpur, one Muhammad Naved, along with his accomplice, Farhan Khan, killed a 23-year-old Seema Gautam, after she refused to convert to Islam. Naved had introduced himself to Seema posing as a Hindu, raped her, and started forcing her to convert to Islam using her objectionable pictures. She then became pregnant and when she refused to convert her religion, Naved poisoned her to kill her.

In what is not shocking anymore, while Naved had initially posed as a Hindu in front of Seema, after the pictures of Muhammad Sahil went viral on social media after his arrest, it was observed that he was not only wearing a kalawa at the time of his arrest, he used to wear a Rudraksha mala as well. This clearly shows that he too, must have lied about his religious identity to Sakshi. This nefarious masquerade of being Hindus by Muslims also categorically shows that there is no difference between individuals like Sahil and Naved and terrorist Ajmal Kasab, who too, was wearing a kalawa on his wrist, to show the world that he was a Hindu, Sameer Chaudhary.

Now, the question which arises is, even after so many similar cases coming up daily, why is it that the Hindus do not wake up from their sleep sounder than that of Kumbha Karna? And this might sound like ‘victim-blaming’, but even if it does, I can confidently say that the fault lies in the Hindus because they just cannot come out of the utopian land of secularism and ‘bhaichara’, which does not and will never exist in reality.

It is only the Hindus who continue to tomtom the ridiculous rhetoric of ‘love does not see religion’, and ‘every religion is the same’, when the Muslims openly admit that they cannot accept a marriage or get involved in a marriage without the non-Muslim partner converting to Islam. Despite so much happening around us, Hindu girls continue to drool over Muslim men, and then end up in suitcases and refrigerators, even after which other Hindu girls continue to say, “Mera Abdul alag hai”. It is high time we understand that no Abdul is different and the aim of ‘Ghazwa-e-Hind’ is a scary reailty, which the Hindus, are in no way ready to fight with.

At this juncture, some may ask, “But what about Muslims like Naved and Sahil who trap Hindu girls with a fake identity”? Let me put this up straight, why is it that just because a person claims to be a Hindu, wears a Kalawa or does not wear a skullcap in front of you, you believe that he is a Hindu? This happens because there is a lack of values and religious education among the Hindu youth, no Hindu parent will teach their children to go to the Mandir at least once a week, or read their scriptures, and this weakens our cultural, traditional, and religious roots, because of which Hindus are always busy being secular in a completely non-secular country like India. This is the only reason why Hindus do not even know what secularism actually means.

Another fault which lies among the Hindus is that they opine that love jihad takes place only when the girl is a Hindu and the man, a Muslim. This, again, is the Lala Land the Hindus have created to live in. There have happened multiple incidents wherein Hindu men or boys have been killed by the family members of their Muslim partners, or by their Muslim partners themselves. Cases have also taken place wherein Muslim women hid their identities just like their male counterparts. These days, innumerable incidents of Hindu boys being beaten up or killed are coming to the fore just because they were seen roaming around with a Muslim girl.

What makes the Hindus believe that the Muslim girls in such scenarios are not hand in glove with their family members, only to trap Hindu boys and men and eventually, get them beaten up or killed? And if Hindu men want their women to stay away from Muslim men because of all sorts of logical reasons, it is also necessary for Hindu men to not get involved with Muslim women, because no matter you are a male or a female, it is enough to be a Hindu to get killed at the hands of a Muslim.

Another major problem with the Hindus is that while the Muslims are busy operating on love jihad plans, and continue to daydream about their ‘Ghazwa-e-Hind’ mission, Hindus are elated just by being keyboard warriors, tweeting and posting on Instagram, with absolutely zero ground-level work to safeguard the interests of their religion and people. The classic example of this has been seen by everyone in the video which captures Muhammad Sahil stabbing Sakshi in the middle of the road, which shows that when a girl was being brutally murdered, people around the scene were walking as if they were out for a leisurely walk in the park, and were simply seeing the gardener watering the plants. Not even a single person tried to protect the victim.

And on the other hand, if one Muslim gets involved in a street fight with a Kafir, only Bhagwan knows how innumerable Muslims come running out of several lanes in the colony to stand by their community member, that too with swords, stones, and sticks in their hands; and here, not a single Hindu, who, on social media, keeps on boasting about Maharana Pratap, Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj and Veer Savarkar, could even try to save their Hindu sister.

If this attitude among the Hindus continues, the day is not far away when ‘Ghazwa-e-Hind’ might actually turn into a reality, with Hindus crying, being killed, raped, maimed, sold, and being converted with swords on their necks, with songs of one-way secularism playing in the background, resulting into the non-existence of Hindus, who are a complacent people with zero sense of community defense!

Sonakshi Datta
Sonakshi Datta
Journalist who wants to cover the truth which others look the other way from.


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