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Make films rooted in Indian culture: Kantara director advises Bollywood


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Bengaluru: Kantara Director Rishab Shetty has advised Bollywood filmmakers to make films focusing on the sentiments of the audience, not theirs.

“We make the film for the audience, not for ourselves. We must respect their values and sentiments. We were among them before we became filmmakers,” he told a section of media here last week.

“Why would the audience watch Indian films that are influenced by Western sentiments? They won’t. Because they are getting that stuff by watching Hollywood films which are better in quality, narration, and performance-wise. Still, why are they (Bollywood) making such films?” he asked.

Kantara is a simple village story having all the ingredients of commercial films, but it has been presented and packaged in such a way that it keeps in mind the regional sentiments and culture of the audience, Shetty said.

“Kantara is a simple story. It has all the ingredients of a commercial film. There is a hero, a villain and romance, but it has been presented and packaged, with regional flavour.

This is a village story which I have seen since my childhood days. Therefore I presented it. I always say – more regional is more universal. So, if the filmmakers make films rooted in the region’s culture, it may work,” he said.

Explaining the mantra of more regional is more universal, Shetty said the more the filmmakers are connected to their cultural roots, more are the chances of films becoming successful. “This is something Bollywood is forgetting these days,” he said.

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