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Metaverse companies focus on stressed affluent people looking for peace


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Metaverse, the world of virtual feelings, which can be entered by you, after which you become a part of that world, and now, Metaverse companies have turned their eyes towards people who are wealthy and are suffering from high levels of stress, and are looking for happiness and peace. By keeping such people in mind, new headphones have been launched, whose price starts at 40 thousand rupees, with the help of which, one can also attend professional virtual meetings.

With face and eye tracking, everything in the world of Metaverse will appear colourful, as a result of which, this virtual world will start looking real-like. Meta companies are aiming at changing the thought wherein people believe that metaverse is for gamers only. Earlier to this, in 2020, headset Quest-2 was launched and till now, 1.5 crores of these headsets have been sold.

As per Meta company founder Mark Zuckerberg, metaverse is the version of the internet, on which, at the end, people will both play and work. According to a recent report, 200 companies were working on metaverse till July 2021, now, more than 500 are.

Metaverse is such a place created with virtual reality and augmented reality, where people from all across the globe can meet. With the help of this virtual technology, people will be able to buy all types of devices, and even cars and homes on this platform. Metaverse is being called the world of the future and it is being said that people will be able to live the virtual life as easily as present life is being lived.

Sonakshi Datta
Sonakshi Datta
Journalist who wants to cover the truth which others look the other way from.


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