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Modi is a must for India to rise as Bharat


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India that is Bharat is the reality of our nation. 

It is now time for Bharat to rise and come out of the forced shadow that it was relegated to under colonial dictates. 

For India to rise as Bharat it needs a leader that understands Bharat and not someone lost in the mirage of India because Bharat goes beyond the geographical boundaries of India. Bharat is the soul of our cultural ethos, it is the soul of our nation that was built on a foundation set by the principles of Sanatana Dharma.

Narendra Modi is the leader that India needed to rise as Bharat. He is a proponent of the principles of Sanatana Dharma and he will guide India to rise as Bharat. 

India has been for centuries burdened by the shackles of colonial impositions but Bharat will be free from these shackles that scarred the soul of our nation. Some scholars and thinkers opine that the name ‘India’ is an exonym – a name given to our people and region by foreigners. The name ‘India’ in sacred or Sanskrit literature, or in Buddhist or Jain texts is nowhere mentioned. And that is true because the name ‘India’ or the name from which the name ‘India’ was derived is a name given to our people and region by foreigners whether they were from Persia, Arabia, Britain, France, Portugal, Netherlands, or Denmark.

Scholars believe that Bharat was conceived as a social order, a space where specific social relations and shared notions of a moral order prevailed, (British) India referred to a political order, as a bounded territory placed under the control of a single centralized power structure and an authoritarian system of governance. The name ‘India’ is not the soul of our nation. It is merely a reflection of a foreigner’s understanding of India – its wealth, its culture, and a little about its spirituality but they never understood Bharat. Therefore, they believed it could be proselytized.

Modi is about Bharat. He lives and breathes Bharat. He wants Bharat to rise up to its former glory and I am confident that the vision of Akhand Bharat will slowly grow beyond India’s current geographical boundaries. Modi has set in motion a series of geopolitical strategies that we will see Bharat taking pole position in global political space. Modi will join the dots in the Indian subcontinent using Sanatana Dharma as the common thread between nations to unite Bharat into a force.

Besides being a politician and a statesman Modi is a warrior. In India, his role is that of governance, outside of India his role is one of a conqueror. He wants to conquer other nations not through war but through political diplomacy. His conscientious steps during the COVID-19 crisis in embarking on vaccine diplomacy was an act truly keeping with the spirit of humanity our Sanatana Dharma scriptures have extolled us to follow. His efforts to work together with global nations to fight the evils of terrorism has found favour with most Arab nations and their leaders in particular Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates. Most of the Islamic nations have in the past been sources of the emergence of Islamic radicalism and its dangerous ideology of terrorism. 

For over seven decades since our Independence in 1947 and even before our colonial strains, India was seen as a nation of economic and people resources to be exploited. Now under the leadership of Modi, Bharat is no doubt being seen as a nation of economic and people resources but with caution because now it cannot be exploited. India was ‘Bird of Gold’ but Bharat is not. This rekindling of the soul of Bharat has found its stirring because of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. 

Through its immense talents and skills, our people are now spreading their wings globally to lead companies and institutions; and now people rooted in Sanatana Dharma are leading foreign nations such as Great Britain under its Prime Minister Rishi Sunak. We have an Indian-origin Prime Minister of Singapore Tharman Shanmurgarathnam and scores of other Indian-origin political leaders across the world, including US Vice-President Kamala Harris. The common thread that links all around the world is their rooted connection to Bharat – the birthplace of Sanatana Dharma.

Narendra Modi at the G20 proudly displayed ‘Bharat’ to political leaders from around the world. His intent was to condition the global leaders into wilfully accepting that it is time for India to rise as Bharat and take its true position in the world’s geopolitical stage that had eluded it for decades because of the lack of an inspirational leadership to lead India to rise as Bharat. Under the leadership of Modi, India has moved out of its colonial mindset to become truly Bharatiya. 

Modi is a must for India to rise as Bharat because Modi understands that India is not the soul of our nation, Bharat is the soul of our nation, it is our intrinsic rooted cultural and spiritual identity. 

Under Modi, Bharat is marching on to the principles of Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam, which serves as a reminder to the world that, irrespective of our diverse backgrounds, we are part of a single global family and more importantly our interdependence is crucial. Most importantly, Modi believes that a nation in bondage and slavery can lose its soul. 

India is a reflection of a lost soul, alive no doubt in the body but dead in the soul. The impact of centuries of foreign rule and colonization we lost everything. We lost our culture, we lost our history, we lost our pride, we lost our self-respect, we lost our name and more importantly we lost our soul.

The name ‘Bharat’ is about the reawakening of the sleeping soul of the people of Bharat-Vasa because as it is written in the Visnu-Purana, “It is only after many thousand births, and the aggregation of much merit, that living beings are sometimes born in Bharata.”

Under the leadership of Narendra Modi India needs to shed its colonial past and rise up as Bharat to lead the world with a new world order built on the principles of One Earth, One Family, One Future, or simply put Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam.


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