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Modi’s Mangalasutra remark aimed at political gains: Siddaramaiah


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Belagavi (Karnataka): Karnataka Chief Minister Siddaramaiah dismissed Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s recent assertion alleging that if Congress comes to power, they would confiscate women’s Mangalasutra, labelling it politically motivated fabrication aimed at securing votes.

Addressing reporters here on Wednesday, Siddaramaiah countered Modi’s claims, highlighting the lack of precedent during the decades-long Congress rule where such actions were taken against women. He questioned PM Modi’s integrity, citing unfulfilled promises and unmet commitments during his tenure.

“The Congress party governed the nation for five decades. Never did they resort to confiscating women’s Mangalasutra. Why is Prime Minister Modi resorting to such falsehoods?” the Chief Minister remarked, expressing dismay over Modi’s statements given his position of responsibility.

Responding to queries regarding Modi’s criticism of the Congress government in Karnataka, Siddaramaiah accused PM Modi of deceit, pointing out instances where the central government failed to act in various state matters.

“What steps has the central government taken regarding the violence in Manipur? Minorities have been promised reservations for 30 years,” he stated, underlining the inconsistencies in Modi’s assertions.

Addressing concerns over the sexual harassment case involving Prajwal Revanna of NDA parliamentary candidate, Siddaramaiah assured that the state government has initiated a Special Investigation Team (SIT) to probe the matter, emphasising that appropriate action would follow based on the investigation’s findings.

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