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New India imbibing mantra of heritage along with development: Modi


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Sambhal (UP): Prime Minister Narendra Modi said on Monday that today’s new India is imbibing the mantra of heritage along with development.

On the occasion of laying the foundation stone of Kalki Temple, the PM said, “We are imbibing the mantra of development as well as heritage. Today, on the one hand, our pilgrimage sites are being developed, and on the other hand, hi-tech infrastructure is also being created in the cities. If temples are being built today, then new medical colleges are also being built across the country. Today our ancient sculptures are also being brought back from abroad, and record numbers of foreign investments are also coming in.”

Without taking the name of Congress, he said, “There are many such good works that some people have left for me only. Whatever good work is left in the future, we will complete it with the blessings of the saints and the people. I am confident that Kalki Dham will emerge as another great center of Indian faith.”

Modi said that India is a nation that can pull out victory even from defeat. “We were attacked so much for hundreds of years. Had it been any other country or any other society, it would have been completely destroyed due to so many continuous attacks. Yet we not only stood firm but also emerged even stronger. Today, for the first time, India is at a stage where we are not following; we are setting an example,” he said.

He said that today, for the first time, India is being seen as a center of possibilities in the field of technology and digital technology. “We are being recognized as an innovation hub. For the first time, an Indian citizen, no matter which corner of the world he is in, feels proud of himself,” he said.

The PM said, “The wave of positive thinking and confidence in the country is amazing. Therefore, today, our power is also infinite, and the possibilities for us are also immense.”

He said that this huge dham spread over several acres is going to be special in many ways. “This will be a temple in which there will be 10 sanctums and all the 10 incarnations of God will be enshrined. Through ten incarnations, not only human but also divine incarnations have been presented in different forms in our scriptures. That means we have seen God’s consciousness in every life,” he said.

Modi said that today is also the birth anniversary of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj. “This day therefore becomes even more sacred and inspiring. Today, with the cultural revival that we are seeing in the country and being proud of our identity, we get this inspiration only from Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj. On this occasion, I pay my respectful obeisance at the feet of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj,” he said.

He said that today another stream of devotion, emotion, and spirituality is eager to flow from the land of UP. “Today, with the devotion of revered saints and the spirit of the people, the foundation of another holy place is being laid,” he said.

The PM said, “Now, in the presence of all of you, I have had the privilege of laying the foundation stone of the grand Kalki Dham. Just last month, the country saw the completion of a 500-year wait in Ayodhya. That supernatural experience of Ram Lalla’s presence, that divine feeling, still makes us emotional.”

He said, “Meanwhile, we have also witnessed the inauguration of the first megalithic tower in Abu Dhabi, on Arab soil, hundreds of kilometers away from the country. During this period, we have seen Vishwanath Dham flourish. During this period, we are witnessing the rejuvenation of Kashi. It is during this period that we have seen the glory of Mahalok of Mahakaal. We have seen the development of Somnath and the reconstruction of Kedar Valley.”

Modi said that a new cycle started on January 22. “When Lord Shri Ram ruled, his influence lasted for thousands of years. Similarly, with the enthronement of Ram Lalla, a new journey is beginning for India for the next thousand years. Like Lord Ram, Kalki Avatar will also set the course for thousands of years. We can say that Kalki is the initiator of change in the cycle of time and is also a source of inspiration,” he said.

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