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No significant impact of Modi in K’taka: Home min Dr Parameshwara


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Bengaluru: Confident of the Congress party’s prospects in the upcoming Lok Sabha elections in Karnataka, Home Minister Dr. G Parameshwara on Friday implied that voters in Karnataka may not be swayed by Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s campaigning as it did previously.

He emphasised that the Congress party’s success in securing 135 out of 224 seats and forming the government in Karnataka demonstrates that Modi’s impact may not be as significant as perceived, both in Karnataka and across India.

“I don’t think so. Modi ji with due respect, came 15 times (to Karnataka) during the 2023 (assembly) elections. But what happened? We scored 135 seats out of 224 and we formed our government. So, Modi’s impact, I don’t think it will be a bigger impact in Karnataka, all over India also,” he told a section of media here.

Dr Parameshwara stated that there has been a shift in the perception of the Indian people, particularly in Karnataka. He also expressed confidence in the Congress party’s ability to win a significant number of seats in the upcoming Lok Sabha elections in Karnataka.

He asserted that out of the 28 seats in the state, the Congress is poised to secure more than 20 seats.

Underscoring his optimism about the party’s chances in the elections, Dr G Parameshwara said on a scale of 10 points, the Congress candidate will score 9, indicating a high level of suitability and capability.

In contrast, Dr Parameshwara estimated that the BJP’s candidate would only score around 2 or 3 points, implying a significant disparity in quality between the two candidates.

Highlighting several key attributes of the Congress party’s candidate SP Muddahanumegowda for the upcoming Lok Sabha elections in Tumkur Lok Sabha constituency, Dr Parameshwara said the candidate has previously served as a Member of Parliament (MP) from the same constituency, indicating familiarity with local issues and governance.

Despite being in the opposition, Muddahanumegowda has been effective in representing the constituency’s interests and raising pertinent local issues, he said.

Being one of the 44 MPs from the Congress, Muddahanumegowda has contributed positively to parliamentary proceedings and advocated for the concerns of the constituents.

He said the candidate has demonstrated a commitment to addressing the specific needs and concerns of the local population, indicating a strong connection with the electorate.

With a background as a former judicial officer, Muddahanumegowda brings a level of education and legal expertise to the table, which may be beneficial in legislative matters, Dr Parameshwara said.

“There are so many parameters I can look into. Our candidate already was once an MP in this constituency. He has done extremely well, although he was in the opposition. He was one of the 44 MPs from the Congress.

“He has done extremely well in raising the local issues belonging to the locals. Added to that he is an educated person. He was a judicial officer earlier. People have accepted him. He is a very nice person. What more one can ask for? And he represents Congress,” he said.

Dr Parameshwara also slammed the BJP’s choice of V Somanna as the candidate for the Tumkur constituency, suggesting that the candidate is an outsider from Bengaluru rather than a resident.

He contrasted this with the Congress candidate, emphasising their deep roots in the constituency and their accessibility to the local population.

Dr Parameshwara argued that the preference for a local candidate is significant among voters in Tumkur, citing past instances where outsiders like former Prime Minister HD Deve Gowda were unsuccessful.

He argued that this preference for a local representative will work against the BJP candidate, similar to past experiences with other non-local candidates.

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