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One month of ‘Bhainsa’s Hindus’ Plight


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The 7th of April marks exactly one month of the horrible Bhainsa riots. At around 8.30 in the evening on the 7th of March, Muslim mobs began to attack innocent Hindus on the pretext of a petty verbal spat. BJP leader Rama Devi had earlier told us that such ‘reasons’ which pave way for violence are a mere excuse; such riots are well-planned by the Muslims of the town who are provided with cover- fire by the AIMIM and the TRS.

While blowing the lid off this matter, we found out that Bhainsa is an extremely communally sensitive area and this was unequivocally not the first time when the Hindus were persecuted by the sinister nexus of the Muslims- AIMIM- TRS and the police personnel! This was the third riot in the last 15 months. In 2008, a Hindu man was forcibly taken inside the town mosque only because he was part of a Hindu religious procession that moved past the mosque and was then cut into pieces and thrown out in cold blood!

Similarly, in January 2020, while Makar Sankranti preparations were underway, the Muslims of the town had mercilessly attacked the Hindu households and burned down their houses. Many Hindu families were rendered homeless and the TRS or KCR didn’t even whimper. It was the local RSS body that helped them build their homes back. Apart from burning down the Hindu houses, the Muslims harassed the Hindu women, snatched away from their jewellery, attacked even children, and pathetically urinated on the Makar Sankranti Prasad. They raised slogans like ‘Pakistan Zindabad’ and hurled deplorable abuses at Hindu deities.

While the Hindus of Bhainsa continued to suffer after the 7th of March, a 3.5-year-old Hindu girl was raped by a 14-year-old Muhammad Saddam in the village of Mirzapur, 4 KM away from Bhainsa. The protection provided to the Muslims such that the police had initially refused to take any action and had shunned the family of the girl! It was only after local BJP leader Rama Devi created a hue and cry about the matter that a case was finally filed against the perpetrator.

Petrol bombs, stones being pelted, houses being burned down, vile abuses, physical brutalities, molestation, theft, desecration of their Dharma, and above all, death- this is all the Hindus of Bhainsa suffer from intermittently. After knowing it all, we talked to Mr. Ramachandra Reddy who is the maternal grandfather of Deva Reddy who is another victim of the violence unleashed by the Muslims on the night of 7th March.

Ramchandra Reddy told us that when his grandson was returning home after playing cricket, he was attacked by a Muslim mob in Zulfikar Galli. According to Ramchandra Reddy, on the evening of the 7th of March, Deva Reddy was attacked by a mob of 50-60 men who were armed with swords and knives. Deva Reddy was beaten up badly and left unconscious. Thinking that Deva Reddy died, the mob left by the time the police came. The police carried Deva Reddy to a local hospital from where an ambulance was arranged and he was shifted to Yashodha Hospital in Secunderabad. Deva Reddy was punched in his face which led him to lose his teeth and he is not able to eat solid food. He had also suffered from major injuries to his head and other parts of the body. Deva Reddy is out of danger and recovering. Talking about the incident, Ramchandra Reddy also said that a car was set ablaze, which belonged to one Dr. Mahipal who happens to be a local doctor. He also said that things are slowly returning to normalcy and local authorities having permitted local businesses to function till 5 pm. A curfew is still in place post 5 PM. Ramchandra Reddy also requested the Chief Minister, K Chandrashekhar Rao, and Prime Minister Narendra Modi to take requisite steps to maintain a peaceful environment in Bhainsa.

After talking to Mr. Ramachandra Reddy, we had a brief conversation with Aravind Dharmapuri who is an MP from the Nizamabad constituency. Commenting on the scenario at Bhainsa, Mr. Dharmapuri said, “Riots are very frequent in this town. The Muslims have become a majority there. The agenda behind the riots is to give way to a Hindu exodus from the town. The Muslims of Bhainsa want to drive the Hindus out. They are undoubtedly backed by the AIMIM which in turn is protected by the TRS government and the police department.”

Talking about the night of 7th March, when he had tried to reach the town but was obstructed by the police personnel, the Nizamabad MP told us, “I had left my constituency and I was supposed to reach Bhainsa the subsequent day but the policemen stopped me at Hyderabad itself. I was then put under house arrest for a couple of days with a battalion of policemen outside my house.”

When we raised the point of AIMIM leaders facilitating Muslims from Maharashtra to go and settle at Bhainsa, Mr. Aravind revealed, “Yes, there is much migration from the bordering areas of Maharashtra. One of the Muslims who were brought to Bhainsa is an AIMIM leader himself. These riots are planned in the meet of the Muslims which is called ‘Istema’ and are then carried out. The Istema was underway in January 2020 and those riots were large-scale. Similar were the circumstances with the Istema taking place this year too.”

He continued, “The riots are unleashed every time after the Istema is held. And it is the Hindus who are attacked every time. The Hindus are murdered, their houses set on fire. On the 7th of March, 8-9 people were severely injured; out of whom 2 were in a critical condition, they are journalists. By the grace of God, they are safe now. The Hindus of the town are the ones who suffer all sorts of damage and still, it is the Hindus who get criminal cases registered against them. The police work on the behest of AIMIM and TRS. It is very shameful that the IG says that it is the Hindu Vahini that is behind all these riots!”

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Sonakshi Datta
Sonakshi Datta
Journalist who wants to cover the truth which others look the other way from.

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