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One Nation, One Fertilizer: Chemical fertilizers to be sold in same packaging


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From the next month, all sorts of chemical fertilizers like potash, Urea, NPK, DAP, etc. will be available in a single type of packaging. Urea will be sold in yellow bags, DAP in light green, NPK in dark green and MOP in light pink bags.

The central government has recently issued a circular regarding the ‘One Nation, One Fertilizer’ scheme, according to which, 75% of the bag will have to have the Pradhan Mantri Bharatiya Jan Urvarak Yojana (PMBJP) logo and design printed on it. The company will be able to get their name and logo printed in the remaining 25% portion only.

A separate bag colour for all the fertilizers has been chosen and the new packaging will have to be rolled out by Gandhi Jayanti 2022 and the remaining stocks of the old packaging will have to be sold out completely by 31st December, 2022. Legal action will be taken against those who would be found selling fertilizers in old packaging in the new year.

The circular was released by the government on 24th August which states that under the One Nation, One Fertilizer scheme, no one will be allowed to sell fertilizers with packaging other than the decided ones. Different colours have also been chosen for the four types of fertilizers used in sowing and irrigation, in the agricultural field and the designs are determined as well.

The scheme is aimed at curbing the sales of adulterated fertilizers and at selling them at the same price all over the country. Farmers are asked to pay higher prices at the time of urea-shortage and fake urea is sold in the name of many brands and because of similar looking names and designs, the farmers are unable to discern the fake from the original ones.

Sonakshi Datta
Sonakshi Datta
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