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Opposition leader alleges Tripura resources drain out to outsiders


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Agartala: Leader of the Opposition in Tripura Animesh Debbarma on Thursday alleged the resources of the state have been drained to the outside with the help of some people who are very close to the top leaders of BJP.

Addressing the media here, Debbarma criticised the government and said, “A huge attractive hoardings are being erected across the state showcasing the development projects, which is found visible only in the posters and flex nothing in reality. People in the hills are not able to manage adequate food, running out from Tripura and instances of selling children are there under BJP’s rule.”

Demanding immediate filling up 50,000 vacant posts in different government departments, he asked for laying out a plan for widening the scope of employment and business for the people of Tripura and to prevent the outflow of funds from the state.

The BJP has shrunk the scope of employment in the government sector and failed to develop private sectors and industries as they promised before the assembly elections. Most of the government tenders have been going to outsiders who have links with BJP top leaders in the state and Delhi, he alleged and added, “All contracts are given to the outside firms and individuals depriving the people of Tripura.”

Contractors from UP, Bihar, MP, Rajasthan, Gujarat, Punjab, and Haryana have been getting all major works of Tripura at the behest of the cabinet members of Chief Minister Dr Manik Saha and a few other BJP leaders, and the economy of Tripura is gradually becoming thin and deteriorating, Debbarma observed.

He claimed, “Voters have been able to sense the manipulation game of BJP and this government will fall like a house of cards – days are on count only. Getting elected by the vote of Tripura people, BJP has forgotten its commitment to the people of the state rather working desperately to protect the interest of the outsiders.”

Debbarma underlined that the ruling BJP keeps making critical comments on the Left Front government for the burden of debt they left on the present government but the fact remains, that the burden of loans has only increased manifolds under the present dispensation. At present, the debt amount is double what the Left Front government left as outstanding.

“The law and order situation has stooped to a record low. The police officers in different police stations are themselves promoting extrajudicial settlements of the complaints they receive. The good governance at doorstep campaign has literally turned into atrocities on the doorstep,” he blamed.

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