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Pakistan asks for ‘Masks’, China sends ‘Masks Made of Underwear’

Mumbai: It could have been easily passed off as an April fool prank played by China on its friend Pakistan but it is not. Media reports from Pakistan have stated that when Pakistan asked for ‘N95 Masks’, China sent over masks made of ‘Underwear’ material.

This shocking act was revealed by a Pakistani local news channel in Lahore Break TV. 

“In the name of top-quality N95 masks, China has sent in masks made out of underwear. It was also a lacuna on the part of the provincial health authorities who received the medical aid. Without proper checking, the masks were sent to Qatar hospital in Karachi. Over there, the doctors and para-medical staff called it buffooning by China,” Lahore-based News Break TV reported.

In fact the reporter on TV openly states in Urdu, “China Ne Chunna Lagaya (China conned us).”

Late last month, China had asked Pakistan to open the border between the two countries for one day on Friday so that medical supplies to fight coronavirus pandemic could be sent.

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