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Partial Solar Eclipse in India tomorrow : PSI


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Hyderabad: The first visible partial solar eclipse in 2022 will occur in India on Tuesday.

Planetary Society of India (PSI) Director N Sri Raghunandan Kumar in a release on Monday said another eclipse, in less than 15 days, which is Total Lunar Eclipse will occur on November 8.

He said people people in Leh, Jammu and Kashmir will be the first to witness the solar eclipse starting at 4.16 pm tomorrow, Whereas people in Western part of India will witness the eclipse starting at 4.30 pm.

Mr Kumar said people in Eastern and Central parts of India will start seeing eclipse at 4.40 pm. Importantly people of Kanyakumari will be the last to witness eclipse till 6 pm where the eclipse starts very late compared to rest of the country, at 5.33 pm, he explained.

The eclipse is a Partial Eclipse across the world with maximum of 82 per cent covered at Greatest Phase which means no place on earth will witness the the Solar Eclipse as total or annular but partial.

The last solar eclipse visible in India occurred on June 21, 2020 whereas the next eclipse visible across India leaving very few places will occur on August 2, 2027.

The PSI Director said the eclipse will begin in Iceland at 02:28 pm and end in India at 06:32 pm after passing across Europe, North Africa and the Middle East.

Across the world this Eclipse is visible in the region covering Europe, Middle East, northern Africa, western Asia, North Atlantic Ocean and the North Indian Ocean.

He said across the world the Eclipse occurs between 2.28 p.m. IST to 6.32 p.m and added that the Greatest Phase of Eclipse when the maximum part of Sun Disk is covered by Moon will occur at 4.30 p.m.

In India, depending on the location of a person from Central path, eclipse will visible from 4.16 pm onwards and continue to be visible till Sunset.

Mr Kumar said the percentage of Sun obscured by Moon in India will range between 2% to 55% depending on location of person.

For example people in Jammu will witness nearly 53%, whereas its 33% for people in Dwarka, in Bhopal its 32%, and Guwahati its 30%. People in Kanyakumari will witness a maximum of just 2% of Sun covered by Moon Which means as we move from North, East or West towards South and away from Central Path of Eclipse the percentage of Sun obscured by Moon get lessened, he said.

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