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Protium paves the roadmap for LGBTQIA+ inclusivity


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Protium, a pan-India lending major, has emerged as a trailblazer in driving inclusivity through its groundbreaking #ProtiumCelebratesPride campaign. The company has successfully set a trend for two consecutive years, establishing a safe and conducive workplace for all, regardless of their gender or orientation, and is poised to take it to new heights.

Creating a holistic workplace that values diversity and fosters inclusivity has been a paramount goal for employers. In India, there has been a significant shift in breaking down discriminatory attitudes towards the queer community. This transformation is not only evident in social spheres but also within industries, as companies actively embrace inclusivity and recognize the immense talent within the LGBTQIA++ community.

As per a survey by Indeed, 77 percent of Indian employers believe that diversity, inclusion and belonging, are crucial for organizational performance.

Protium stands at the forefront of this paradigm shift, spearheading change and becoming a role model for organizations across the finance industry through its #ProtiumCelebratesPride campaign.

Last year’s campaign revolved around raising awareness and extending solidarity to the community. It began with a symbolic logo change, followed by informative mailers about the basics of the LGBTQIA+ community, along with a series of three guest speaker sessions at Protium’s Bangalore corporate office. These sessions featured individuals from the community sharing their personal experiences and knowledge on topics such as ‘Queer 101 with June’, ‘Experiences of Marginalized Queer Communities with Prashant’, and ‘How to be an Ally with Jiiva Anirudh’.

Protium also revised its Prevention of Sexual Harassment (POSH) policy, ensuring a safe and supportive environment for all employees, regardless of their gender or orientation.

The profound impact of this campaign was evident through genuine curiosity and increased awareness, with new prospective hires applauding the organization for its pioneering initiatives. The campaign went on to garner nationwide recognition, winning the ‘Best Social Good Campaign’ awards at the prestigious IDEA award by Entrepreneur India.

Building on last year’s resounding success, Protium launched yet another month-long #ProtiumCelebratesPride campaign this year, on June 1, starting off by the adoption of a rainbow-themed logo. The campaign featured six extraordinary stories of resilience and excellence from the members of the LGBTQIA++ community. Additionally, an informative series titled ‘Let’s Talk Pride’ was circulated throughout the month, debunking myths and sharing interesting facts about the community.

The campaign concluded with a panel discussion on ‘How can corporate workplaces be more inclusive for the LGBTQIA++ community’. It featured three distinguished panellists, Nishtha Sabharwal (She/Her), Queer Affirmative Counsellor; Yogesh S (They/Them), Social Anthropologist; and Rakshitha Sen (She/Her), Social Activist and Transgender; and previous year’s guest, June (She/her), Queer-feminist Consultant, as the moderator.

This thought-provoking discussion delved into the major challenges and strategies aimed at fostering an inclusive environment for the LGBTQIA++ community in corporate settings. The event was live-streamed, attracting widespread engagement from social media audiences.

As a company actively driving change within its own walls, Protium has set an example by leading from the front. Employees have pledged their allyship, resulting in 100 percent support for the community. From grassroots to leadership, Protium leads by example, ensuring sensitivity, safety, and inclusivity at all levels. The organization is committed to fostering long-lasting change and creating a workplace that embraces diversity and equality.

‘It is important for employers to acknowledge that nurturing talent knows no bias. All workplaces must provide equal opportunities to all individuals regardless of their gender identities or orientations.’, expressed Protium.

As Protium continues to build on its journey, it remains dedicated to upholding the long- lasting changes initiated by the Pride campaigns, creating an inclusive workplace that transcends gender and orientation. Consistency is the key to driving such groundbreaking changes, and Protium remains committed to upholding these principles.

Protium stated, ‘The organization proudly stands in solidarity with the LGBTQIA++ community, acknowledging that the celebration of diversity should extend beyond the month of June. This transformative approach has laid the foundation for a more inclusive and accepting environment, setting an exemplary standard for other organizations to follow suit.’

Protium’s sustainable growth as a pan-Indian lending major is a testament to its commitment to innovation and customer-centric solutions. With over 85 branches across 65+ cities and a presence in over 15,000 pin codes, Protium caters to the credit needs of 7 lakh+ customers with a diverse product portfolio including Loans Against Property, Business Loans, Line of Credit, and Machinery & Equipment finance.

Protium maintains an industry best NPA of 0.34 percent, having built a loan book of INR 3,150 Cr and disbursing more than INR 6,100 Cr to date. What sets Protium apart is its seamless integration of financing principles with cutting-edge technology.

Embracing its DNA of engineering finance, Protium employs a cohesive collaboration between tech, risk, and data analytics. Through its strong offline and digital lending model, the organization continually pushes the boundaries of innovation, developing cutting-edge solutions to drive financial inclusion in India and formalize the lending landscape.






Sonakshi Datta
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