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RAS officer calls Lord Hanuman ‘monkey’, deities, rapists


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RAS officer and the Join Secretary of the Rajasthan Industries Department, Kesarlal Meena, made many unrestrained comments filled with Hindu-hatred, targeting and taunting the Brahmin community. He sent a message on the official WhatsApp group of the RAS association on Thursday at 10.06 PM, calling Lord Hanuman a ‘monkey’ and Hindu deities, rapists, along with commenting on Lord Krishna.

After the incident went viral, all Hindu communities including Brahmins lambasted Meena, after which he released a video of apology and said that he had received the message from a third party and while was trying to delete it, it got forwarded. He had deleted the message sent on the group 20 minutes after other officers had questioned his action.

After the questionable comments on Hindu Gods and Goddesses, the message stated that there were thousands of ‘facts’ which the Brahmins forced us to believe and we accepted them, willingly or unwillingly and questioned as to why was it so. The message continued and said that this happened because the Brahmins blinded everyone by snatching away their ability to think, understand, debate, intelligence and scientific knowledge!

“Today, our eyes have been opened and we have power, the power of the ideologies and principles of Phule, Sahu, Ambedkar and Periyar; and that is why, rather than believing imaginations, I want to know the truth”, the message further read.

In the end, the message questioned as to how did whatever was told to us by the Brahmins happen in the past and why doesn’t it happen today and asked for a logical and correct answer.

Mahesh Sharma, President of the Rajasthan State Vipra Welfare Board, said that a person sitting on a responsible post is talking in a manner which can break the society up, and that the government should take strict action against Meena.

Sonakshi Datta
Sonakshi Datta
Journalist who wants to cover the truth which others look the other way from.

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