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‘Relationship between students & teachers should be beyond subject-related bond’: PM Modi


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New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday said the relationship between students and teachers should be deeper and beyond the ‘subject-related bond’.

Addressing the seventh edition of ‘Pariksha pe charcha’, he emphasised that teachers and parents play an important role in reducing the stress of children during the exams.

The Prime Minister said, “We should make ourselves strong to withstand any pressure.’

Modi added that “it is important for us to overcome pressure with our state of mind. Whatever the matter, we should discuss it in the family as well.”

Responding to questions over increasing competition, he said, “If there is no challenge and competition in life, then life will become unmotivated and consciousness less. Therefore, there must be competition, and it should be healthy competition”.

The PM said that “teachers should not take their work as a mere job, they should take it as a means to empower the lives of students”.

“This relationship should be such that the students can openly discuss their tensions, problems, and insecurities with their teachers,” Modi said.

During the interaction, he also urged the parents not to draw comparisons between their children.

The Prime Minister said, “The ‘running commentary’ from parents, teachers, or relatives drawing negative comparisons is detrimental to a student’s mental well-being. It does more harm than good.”

He said some parents treat their child’s report card as their own visiting card; this is not good.”

Modi also urged the students to take proper sleep for a healthy mind.

“Just like a mobile requires charging to function, similarly, it is very important to keep the body recharged because keeping the body healthy is very important for a healthy mind. For this, taking proper sleep is also very important.”

Around 2.25 crore students have been registered for this year’s ‘Pariksha pe charcha” programme.

Two students and a teacher from each state and union territory, along with winners of the Kala Utsav, have been invited.

A hundred students from Eklavya Model Residential Schools (EMRS) attended the program for the first time.

The registrations for this program were conducted between December 11, 2023, and January 12, 2024.

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