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Responsible steps toward Climate change: To save the planet Earth


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In the FY2021 Budget, the State introduced a Climate Budget, a first-ever feature.
While highlighting the impact of climate change on various departments, including
forests, fisheries, disaster management and agriculture, the Budget presented
tracking public expenditure for a clean climate. Odisha has been working on climate
change since 2010 when it put in place the State Action Plan on Climate Change.
This was revised for 2018-23 and is under implementation.

The 21st Century definition of Sustainability refers to the co-existence of Earth’s
biosphere and human civilization and the interconnected domains of environment,
economy, and society.

Businesses all around the world are becoming more sustainable, balancing their
fiscal, economic, environmental and social responsibilities to protect the planet and
people. Although companies are being pressured by consumers, competitors and
employees to implement green initiatives into their business model, most sustainable
companies are driven by purpose and the greater good. Executives and business
owners are finding ways to make the necessary sustainability changes while still
growing their businesses and maintaining profit.

The goal of sustainability in business is to balance the economic, social, and
environmental responsibilities that every business has. These three business
dimensions are often referred to as the “triple bottom line”.


The goal of sustainability in business is to balance the economic, social, and
environmental responsibilities that every business has. These three business
dimensions are often referred to as the “triple bottom line Businesses have a social responsibility to take care of their workers and treat all their constituents with respect and fairness. A truly sustainable business focuses on the wellbeing of their employees, customers and the local community. Businesses can improve their social responsibility in a variety of ways such as ensuring safe and healthy working conditions, paying employees fairly and recognizing their hard work, being inclusive of all workers regardless of gender identity, race, religion or cultural background, providing employee benefits and wellbeing programs, supporting policies and laws that protect minority groups, fundraising and donating to charities, and participating in community outreach events.


Businesses also have an environmental responsibility to protect the planet and
conserve finite resources. Businesses that are solely profit-focused are often
unmindful about their waste and pollution and how they impact surrounding
ecosystems. As consumers become more knowledgeable and passionate about
climate change and planet wellbeing, businesses will have to cater to this demand
and adjust their operations to have a lower environmental impact. This often involves
minimizing waste, preventing pollution and investing in resource efficiency strategies.


Businesses still need to generate revenue and profit to create new jobs, grow their
operations and pay their workers. They need to have governance in place that
balances purpose and profit and transparently makes all important data available to

Some sustainability initiatives – such as transitioning to an electric fleet or investing
in renewable energy – can require costly investments up front but making both large
investments or small adjustments over time will lead to significant financial and
environmental benefits. Studies have shown that investing in sustainability can
actually increase profit in the long run from greater energy savings, operational
efficiency and an increase in sales. Balancing the purpose of becoming a
sustainable business while maintaining profit is the new “key to business success”

The rising carbon emission has been forcing big world economies to adopt more
green initiatives. In the same line, Indian listed companies will have to produce their
carbon emission report from 2023 onwards QHSE ENGINEERING SERVICES addressed three Current Global Challenges Climate, Agriculture and Food. TRST01 disruptive innovation, a robust platform, is establishing Trust, Transparency and Traceability in the ecosystem. We provide consulting services for hydrogen fuel cell pump manufacturing plant, and waste to BIO-CNG plant, for young entrprenuers and many green sustainable development project under different government schemes, and create more jobs by providing skills development to accomplish NET ZERO CARBON FOOTPRINT.
Written in public intrest and to protect planet earth, we can hold environment
awareness programs for schools and institutes.potential business in curbing carbon
emissions for process plants and chemical plants to surviving the existing business.

Responsible steps toward Climate change: To save the planet Earth -






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