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Revival moves of Congress in Tripura: Over 5500 voters return


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Agartala: Tripura Pradesh Congress Committee on Friday claimed that over 5500 voters of about 1500 families from ruling BJP and opposition CPI-M have joined Congress in the last three days in North Tripura, Unokoti, and Dhalai districts in the organisation revamping drive of party’s lone MLA and former BJP minister Sudip Roybarman.

Congress spokesperson and party General Secretary Prasanta Bhattacharjee said the alignment of the maximum number of voters have been shifted to Congress who had earlier been with CPI-M and Congress and thereafter skewed to BJP before the 2018 assembly elections.

“There is no doubt about the downfall of BJP led government in Tripura in next assembly elections slated in February next year. BJP was able to come to power because people mainly the anti-left voters and a section of CPI-M supported the saffron party in the elections but, after coming to power they turned into a demon,” Bhattacharjee alleged.

The people want to see Congress as a liberal, democratic and pro-people party to be in power.

In Tripura, 25 years of uninterrupted communist rule had made the people fed up because of its obsolete form of politics, nepotism, corruption, and underdevelopment, which the BJP exploited in 2018, he told media.

“The four and half year term of BJP led government, the people of Tripura found no development, vendetta politics, violence and attacks on opposition parties and people, massive corruption and manipulation. Therefore, people want to oust BJP from power, and the process has started,” Bhattacharjee pointed out.

He said in North Tripura, altogether 4973 voters belonging to 1382 families of BJP and Trinamool joined Congress despite BJP miscreants masquerading as ‘Ganesh’ devotees increasing the volume of the microphone as soon as the leaders of Congress started their speeches.

As many as 589 voters of BJP and CPM have joined Congress in Kumarghat of Unokoti district and Ambassa of Dhalai district.

There are thousands of people who don’t want to come in public to display their political choice because of their security but they are in touch with Congress to oust the BJP-led government.

Meanwhile, Congress MLA Sudip Roybarman said they have been in discussion with non-saffron parties to go for a united fight against the terror-mongering politics of BJP.

No section of the society is happy with the performance of the BJP government in the state and the center as well.

“The BJP will not win a single seat in the next assembly polls as in four and half years, the socio-economic and political situation in Tripura has gone from bad to worse and he squarely held BJP’s misrule responsible for this. This is a political struggle which we have to fight together and everyone should remember that Congress is the only party,” Roybarman stated.

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