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Rohingya repatriation interrupted by United Nations


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Dhaka: Bangladesh and Myanmar are now moving ahead with a pilot project for the repatriation of Rohingyas mediated by China.

But the biggest obstacle in the implementation of that project is the United Nations itself. The United Nations refugee agency stopped food rations for four Rohingya families who initially agreed to repatriate.

On Thursday UN’s Special Envoy on Myanmar Tom Andrews from Geneva called for the pilot project to be suspended immediately.

The whole matter is being closely monitored by the Bangladesh government.

Special Rapporteur Tom said that if the Rohingyas return, their lives and freedom will be at risk. Based on various reports, he alleged that ‘Bangladesh is trying to deport Rohingyas back to Myanmar through fraudulent and forceful methods.’

He claimed, “There is no environment for the Rohingyas to return to Myanmar.” Based on various reports, he alleges that Bangladeshi authorities are threatening to arrest Rohingyas, confiscate their documents and other threats.

Regarding the UN envoy’s position on the pilot project, Bangladesh foreign minister Dr. AK Abdul Momen told UNI that, the special envoy is American. He can take Rohingyas to his country to give them a better future. His country has ample job opportunities and no shortage of land. Americans are also responsible for taking care of the Rohingyas. So he can recommend taking them to western countries including America. In the last six years, his country has sheltered only 62 people.

Meanwhile, the Rohingyas living in various camps in Ukhia-Teknaf have rallied to demand that they begin repatriation to Myanmar as soon as possible.

Rohingyas organized this program in 13 camps around 10 am on Thursday (June 8).

In the rally, Rohingya community leaders said that during the persecution, murder and rape in Myanmar, they fled for fear of their lives and took refuge in Bangladesh. The government of Bangladesh has given asylum on humanitarian grounds. For which the Rohingyas are grateful. We have been living here in the camp for six years. We want to return home to Myanmar as soon as possible.

It should be noted that on August 25, 2017, the country’s army started indiscriminately killing and torturing the Rohingyas in the Rakhine region. At that time, more than 700,000 Rohingyas fled across the border and took refuge in Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh. There were already hundreds of thousands of oppressed Rohingya here.

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